AMONG US - Fight Scene [Anime Style] -

AMONG US – Fight Scene [Anime Style]

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I made this AMong us Fighting for All Of you guys 🙂 Hope you Like it!
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  1. Kids getting this in their recommended 20 years later gonna be like "Oh shoot this a some old school game"

  2. Las animaciones sin mejores que la de dragon ball super no se ofendan los fans

  3. I have some headphones I thought didn't have bass and this video proved me wrong. I've never heard anything close to this from these headphones.

  4. I know its hard to do but maybe u will like the idea … The kakashi vs obito fight and making the transition between the present and the past will be between those little pets in among us

  5. This is why kids, Purple and Red cannot befriend together.

  6. Am I the only one who saw a move from naruto and sasuke’s fight.

  7. Brooo did u animate this whole thing by YOURSELF?!! this is fliping AMAZING

  8. I was thinking why they looked similiar

    0:390:47: Naruto vs Sasuke
    (Anime: Naruto)

    0:490:52: Escanor vs the taller brother of meliodas (idk his name)

    (Anime: Seven deadly sins)

    Idk if its right its just my opinion

  9. What is the soundtrack called? Btw, amazing and beautiful animation! I hope to do this one day in the future! Continue your amazing work and hope that you get more subscribers too!!

  10. This is what happens when there is one imposter and one crewmate

  11. This guy has talent and I like what he uses it for

  12. when it said to be continued im just like "CMOOON MAN"

  13. When ur friend comes over and beats you ten times in the game

  14. And do your first show about the monkas enemy please for me Yu-Gi-Oh games

  15. I think red is crewmate and purple is impostor so I think red is fighting a impostor

  16. Something is off, well the music is not a good choice but something else, it's like you have a couple good moves and the animation is good but the rest isn't

  17. This is the best among us animation known to man
    Keep up the awesome work

  18. Among us drawing is so easy that's why they made it a fight secen

  19. emm…[ naruto orange] [sasuke purple] warrior ninja what

  20. Halimaw na halimaw putek😱😱😱😱

  21. Only thing I hate about this is that they have arms.

  22. i have a question
    why do they have a power to kill each other and who is the impostot?

  23. Siguro baka ikaw ang magiging animators ng pinas na magiging isang tagagawa ng anime ang galing parang anime kasi haha

  24. Nag lalaban dalawang astronot hahahah😄😄😄😄😁

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