Among Us but we ROLEPLAY characters.. -

Among Us but we ROLEPLAY characters..

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I played a crazy person then realized its just me on caffeine…
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check out my friends in this video!
Corpse (Crops)
Fuslie (Yeehaw)
Ryan Higa (Regina)
Disguised Toast (Sherlock / Yoda)
Sykkuno (Wattskuno / Squidward)
Pokimane (French Celine)
LilyPichu (Paimon)
Masayoshi (Jonathon)
AriaSaki (Grandma)
KristopherYee (Tina)

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  1. CORPSE. NO. Not the southern accent.. LOL. I can't handle it with that voice..

  2. Everyone : changes profile picture, name and voice
    And then theres rae who just changed name…


  4. i love how in a rp vid, rae didnt rp😂

    plus i think everyones persons fit them well

  5. godi wish i knew where to find the ambience used in the second round it's so pretty

  6. Love the corpse ads and interruptions so wholesome xD

  7. I wish u werent famous so i had a chance at ur love

  8. -everyone:i gonna just do my tasks
    -sykkuno: i am gonna beat him with a stick and then make dog noises.

  9. Lmao the ending clips are so funny I can't with her 😂😂

  10. anyone else think 'Grandma' looks like L from Death Note

  11. Your parents are irresponsible as shit for not monitoring your internet activities. CPS or the Special people police should be notified about this.

  12. I don't like how they all picked southern accents

  13. 2,490,652 views, 141k likes, 4.5k comments, 3.6M subscribers. Nice!!

  14. “Corpse should be Batman!”
    “He’d be a great Batman!”

  15. Don't worry Corpse I know how to count past 1
    1 64 89 39 40 10 4 73 247 95 -200 a o e 77 mhm and that's all the numbers after 1

  16. Does anyone else think Valkyrae was just being herself?😂😂😂

  17. I know this is SUPER RANDOM but Rae told a story here about not being able to make spit so a trick to do in an emergency situation (or 23&me) is to take off a button and keep it in your mouth it will keep your saliva flowing.

  18. Rae: So today I am cRAEzy, I'm just really into stabbing stuffs in blood. I just love blood so m- /*get stabbed by pink;

  19. If only Corpse would’ve played Squidward

  20. I've watched this for the 11th time and still enjoy watching it😂

  21. Not reading the title of the video and just pressing play rlly left me with some questions

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