Among Us but it's cute | Among Us Animation | Original Meme -

Among Us but it’s cute | Among Us Animation | Original Meme

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An idea that came to mind that I wanted to quickly throw together c:
I got some more stuff to share soon!

Song: Yoshis New Island Music – 4 The Yoshi Clan

Animated in TVPaint

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#Amongus #animation #mellowforests #Blueskiez

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  1. Cute 😍❤️💖😘🎉🎊😺🧡😻 🥰💝💘🌸💐🌺🤩😍🥰😘💖❣️♥️💗💓❤️

  2. Its was cute when the little mini hugged the little alien

  3. Well, at least some kind of animation among us is not cruel, otherwise this is too much .-.

  4. I like the little red crew mate holding his little knife

  5. 正直に



  6. "Hey little crewmate!"
    "I'm right here mommy!"

    "Hey little impostor!"
    "I'm right here daddy!"

    "Was it you?"
    "Was it you?"

    "Hey there little crewmate!"
    "We are now best friends!"

  7. I can put your Video in a: Top 5 "Among Us but it's cute"meme?

  8. As Plankton would say, "IT'S TOO CUTE! IT'S… DISGUSTING!"

  9. This is soo cute and its good that one of the mini crewmates didnt died cuz most among us animations I watch the mini crewmates dad dies and it makes me sad so I'm glad that this didnt happen in this video plz keep making these cute vids and this thing will encourage you. my parents once told me: if you make something cute then you are cute and creative
    Thank you

  10. On god this is the best among us animation I’ve seen on this platform.

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