Among us be like... -

Among us be like…

Mark Scarnander
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So much time making this video and I was lobotized by the word “nobody”
If i ever hear this word again I’ll deadass die

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  1. I was in medley about to kill oran- I was in medley

  2. hi what app do you use for these edited drawings?

  3. me eating the dead body os I won't get voted-anyways chile

  4. Whos watching this in 2021????????

  5. Ya it happened with me today before I watched this video 🤫

  6. Ok pink as a girl is getting out of hand

  7. Ha! , pretty girl 👧 got ejected . It's not all the time the females especially the beautiful ones get to live . Vote out Orange next !

  8. My among us games are almost always always like this…I feel your pain😠

  9. What’s your least favorite task in among us? Mine is in reactor its the Simon says one uh i hate that one.

  10. I was playing among us and someone said that I killed on cams
    The body was in electrical
    You can’t see electrical from the cameras
    Why do I keep playing this game when everyone is either an asshole, delusional, an idiot, or racist???

  11. Among us be like 'blue kill pink'
    after some hour someone report the pink body
    Lime: blue kill pink I saw.. he kill infront of me
    Blue: You liar, it's not me (what how did he saw it was almost hour)
    Lime: Pls trust me he kill n vent
    Everyone voted blue
    Blue: (confused) there was no one around me when I kill pink

  12. Does this happen when u say someone vented but they completely ignore u and vote u and they finally realised that someone was telling the truth

  13. So cool♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  14. yup, i hate it when this happens. (reminds me of once when my friend played among us she was imposter and was JUST ABOUT TO SEE THE VICTORY SCREEN, and the game disconnected her. rip

  15. FR and when u say u saw someone kill, but they blame u, and u say if u guys vote me and its not me vote them next, and then ur voted out but ur innoccent, then no one calls meeting, next body report they blame innoccent guy instead of imposter who said he saw a crewmate kill and its so F**ING OBVIOUS SHES THE IMPOSTER AND IMPOSTERS WIN AND *TRIGGERD

  16. I do like the thought that pink has spacebuns

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