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360° Vs Impostor Friday Night Funkin’ Among Us Animation .

Halmo Animation
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There are 3 Impostors among us. Rotate Camera 360° to find all impostors, Mini Crewmates and Amogus.

Music from Vs Impostor V3 Mod for Friday Night Funkin’ –

0:00 – Sussus Toogus
2:55 – Lights Down

#360 #Amongus #FNF

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  1. i am sus:D

  2. red and green and black are sus all vote for red and green and black

  3. Everyone needs to look at the backgrounds in these. In you can't run I saw sanic shooting at smth

  4. Bf: te ganó papu
    Los tripulantes :
    Que hacen ustedes dos jugando con las luces? 😭

  5. Blue died in the background
    And purple
    And pink
    And orange
    AND GF!?

  6. i saw red imposter next to the adorable purple crewmate at the back

  7. If green turns into imposter red turns into crewmate

  8. Ydrrcgedcrvyfdcebcerfg5c3dhbdcrggcrfjfvyrevtrf6jr4ubrrhyfvrguyr3yfrt4gr43hufr43iuhg5hr4y5f3yg3nkjrjgrth

  9. Ivtrrgu7vrtijgtrhf5437rf3j8t53gr33i8jrtu34ft88frhfhf44uuyf43tr348yt3n54f599njdeijifeijfrvnifrrjuufrt4i7y4rtht4r

  10. Pause fast when the screen jumps out of the vent and you can see nonsense in storage

  11. the impostors are red, green and orange. Vrey good animation

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