🥕🔪 Drawing my AMONG US character | Speedpaint - amongus.gallery

🥕🔪 Drawing my AMONG US character | Speedpaint

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:^) I am bastard Carrot, yes I am! I really enjoyed this one, it was a lot of fun!!
Anyway Red kinda sus.

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  1. i- i play white- but only because i wear the toilet paper roll,,,

  2. My oc is black with an egg on top! His name is Ace and he hates everyone lolol. Loves swearing tho.

  3. I’m ALWAYS yellow, no other colors, and I use the flower hat because my name is StinkChild (because letter limit no stinky), and I love figuring out who it is, but my friends always kill me first or I get drowned out lmao. For imposter I can sometimes get away with it but it isn’t nearly as much fun as crewmate.

  4. i main white lol- with the lil leaf on my head bc it reminds me of eve from wall-e o-o

  5. I main as Black with a little plant on my head, its adorable lol. I can't wait to try drawing it 😂

  6. When I hear another person playes D&D… it just makes me happy

  7. When I hear another person playes D&D… it just makes me happy

  8. My go to color is black (because it’s my favorite color) with horns but if I don’t get black then I’ll go with lime. But if I can’t get either of those colors (because they don’t want to swap) I’ll be red. I always have horns on my head. I will never change that.

    My sona is still in the process of the making but I made a sona that I barely draw anymore but her name is Mysteryand she is stand-offish. As a crewmate and impostor she separates herself from everyone. She stays quiet unless she has something to say.Once you become her buddy she will never kill you and if you die she will throw her own impostor partner under the bus. Once she says she got you back she means that.

    As an impostor she uses vents when she kills anybody and vents far way from that body (preferably near the cafeteria/emergency button). If she is caught she lets them report the body and say they are self-reporting because they got caught killing. She does stack kills when the lights are out or in broad daylight (like at keys, lights, downloading, and the reactor). If two people witnessed her kill or if she feels like playing she will say it’s her. One of her favorite phrases to say is “I got caught with my pants down.” * whispers * She got if from Coryxkenshin.

    As a crewmate she will only say something if she has information that could help the team get the impostor voted off. She tells the team to never vote on seven and beware of stack kills. She’s usually the first one to get killed because she’s always by herself. She will watch you scan and clear you for the rest of the game.

  9. I usually play Lime and wear that like paper boy hat? I dunno what the name of the hat is lol. But that’s what I usually wear.

  10. I love the card swipe. It's so easy. No issues whatsoever.

  11. I main Black! Always following peeps around just to give them a scare, though I am always crewmate. When imposter they always pass me by lmao. My sona is a dumbass who likes to mess with people.

  12. I main as black with the 'Caution: wet floor' sign. If I can't do that, I'll be purple with the leaf hat. My name's Eggo btw

  13. I like picking cyan or lime with a flower pot hat because cyan and lime are sus colors tbh

  14. i play red with a chef hat and mini crewmate following me. unlike the stereotype, i don't point fingers without any evidence. i just know well all the tasks and do a lot of wellbeing check on people (that makes me sus most of the time qwq).
    anyway, your drawing is so cool! i love the way you do the folds of the suits and the shading you used.

  15. I just want to know how a person can be so talented

  16. I main pink with the cherry on my head, but purple with the fried egg is really starting to grow on me

  17. One time i was an imposter and I took the fall for my teammate's kill by accident. I didn't report the body and I knew I wasn't gonna get out of this, so I said "Okay, but white is the other imposter."

    White was not the imposter.

  18. ඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞ

  19. okay guess im sus now- I main white!!! goggles n the puffy jacket or a crown and black suit mainly

    Just found ur channel !!!!!! i enjoy ur art so much

  20. I main light green and I either get killed or voted off first or survive and win the game 🤣 Everyone just thinks I'm sus because I do my tasks really fast

  21. i play black with a crown and a black suit :0 this art is amazing btw!!

  22. I usually play lime with the visor glasses. I'm either voted off or people forget me half of the time. though when I play impostor I'm usually trying to stay around a group to have an alibi.

  23. I main white but geez I’m not the best imposter I’m good sometimes tho

  24. i main red with the cherry or the bat wings and everyone is so quick to accuse me bc red is extra sus apparently FOJDKDJDDJ

  25. pink with the pumpkin hat since my hair is pink and orange!
    I'll also play as orange if pink is taken

  26. My preffered color is pink.
    I kinda sus, but I do good.

  27. I main white or cyan, usually cyan. Sometimes I do black. I like to think mine is a medic.

  28. My main character is red with either the egg, or the headset Charles (that's his name right?) from Henry Stickmin wears.

  29. Hey uh can you draw my skin in among us I will discribe it to you
    Red guy with a red hat named 0

  30. my fav look: blue, with ram horns, a black suit, and a mini crewmate. my mini-me is named oreo.

  31. I’m really good at the card swipe task. c:

  32. I usually main pink(if it's taken, white or black cuz I like those colors too-) with either an egg or the halloween wolf ears. When I'm impostor, my skill is all based around luck. If i have a good enough partner, I usually win. As crewmate, I know every single task and where they're at, so I get them done rather quickly. And people then sus me cuz I'm so fast lol. I play too much freeplay and thats how I'm good with the tasks.

  33. So, story time: One time I played Among Us, I killed someone as impostor, body got reported and that one player got really upset and kinda sad, so I thought: "Why not kill them too so they can be together?". Seconds later the sad person called a meeting and just said : "It's Black, they killed my friend". Problem is, there was no way they could have known without using discord or some other platform. I only noticed this now, but it still makes me boil. Why would you cheat? Or Hack to get an easier win as Impostor or always be impostor? That just destroys the entire purpose of the game! I apologize for the rant, but I still like your character and speedpaint. Good job👍

  34. what brush settings do you use ? i love the linear look of it

  35. I'm yellow and have a dum sticky note on my face, I die first almost always. And my name is dum. Some people think it's cute, others don't.

  36. i have a question, why buy it when it's free on mobile?

  37. I am also orange with a cheese on my head

  38. im yellow and brown ;w; and black if i'm in a group and those two are taken

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