Making an among us crewmate out of play doh -

Making an among us crewmate out of play doh

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Warning: if you have very old play doh you should throw it immediately to prevent any sickness this is only used for entertainment purposes only
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  1. I made a baby sitting and a dead dad
    It looks so good!

  2. You're play doh is nasty throw them away

  3. I made a sitting among us one so think kinda helped me also im a kid on my moms thing

  4. I love doing among us characters with clay it's even better then play doh actually a bit bc I like how play doh is super soft

  5. Also my clay can never dry it's the fun fact about my clay I love him doing a lot of stuff like clay

  6. Keep it on I like ur clay creations I wished we can play together I have a lot of creations

  7. why did greeen and yellow mold idk how? :0

  8. Your a amarica I know your home you live with karen right


  10. People that who used to using clay so it can stay like polymer clay that you can make maps of Among Us

  11. the white bit was white p,ay doh mixex in it as withe green

  12. I’ve been making among us out of play doh

  13. No play doh mess out yucky u dont have brain

  14. Can play dough mold if it's dried up? Cus I made this lil orange like 3 weeks ago? Just so ik if I needa get rid of it

  15. i made a crewmate today and yesterday and a dead body (I love ur sculpture)

  16. How dare you…… yellow is one of my favorite colour..

  17. idk if this helps but instead of making legs take a ruler or a end of a box and cut a little square then take that square out and now u have legs. 🙂

  18. I gotz a big Ol' cup O' red play-doh.
    Edit: I got it yesterday (From the time this comment was posted)

  19. it looks so good! i made mine 2 days ago and now its dry. i made it dry unporpous 😛
    edit: o yea forgot i used a sort of sharpy to color the outline of the glasses. idk i just liked it like that, o right you forgot to add the outline. other then that this is pretty good!

  20. Hey Bro! Nice video really helped me out in art class 😀

  21. I am a master at among us but I'm very bad at making a among us character with clay…..

    You gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddd!!!!good

  22. I did it with different clay and also just cut the bottom for the legs

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