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  1. Man I can't believe Kiara's hunches against Calli were both on the mark and incredibly off lol

  2. you think it's possible we actually might get sheriff calli costume next?

  3. That was such a blast, I couldn't stop laughing.
    Calli was legit trying her best to stay alive and do her tasks.
    So innocent lmao

  4. Calli was really the MVP (maybe accidentally). She really helped at the last three victories.

    Maybe those messing with sabotagin at the second round looks random, but it was crucial Ina building bonds and winnin everyone trust at the end of the game.
    At the third game, she fastly and correctly cleaned Gura.
    And the last game, she was the one who heard IRyS "thank you Ina" and quickly pointed the imposters.

    Basically, Sheriff was freaking useful.

  5. Timestamps exculsively for Calli's POV 😉
    [I'm not gonna do the whole stream because this collab is fascinating and you should watch the whole thing]

    Second Round (Ina & Calli IMPOSTER)
    44:55 – Watson screams, Calli screams and kills Watson. Watson's last scream could be heard as she died.
    59:00 – Calli incriminates herself after reporting Fauna's body and fucking dies.
    1:08:00 – Ina hard carries INAPASTAS to victory. GG!!!
    Third Round (Crewmate Reaper)
    1:11:50 – Kiara dies, Shorkie and Takopasta debates over who killed Kiara.
    1:16:10 – Toilet door closes but itself! SPOOPY!
    1:21:30 – Calli does task at viewing deck, mentions that it is the perfect spot to get killed and screams when fellow crewmate Sana walks in to greet her
    1:22:10 – Watson walks behind Calli, Calli sees Gura in front, PANICS and SCREAMS fearing for her life.
    1:22:35 – Another mini panic attack when Gura shows up behind her.
    1:27:30 – Calli is angry as she got interrupted doing task as another dead body is reported.
    1:29:30 – "imposter" Watson comes in and give Calli a little spook. ("I'm on cooldown so i can't kill you.")
    1:30:50 – Calli checks security cameras and sees Gura and Watson doing a little dance.
    Crewmate wins with completing tasks after INApasta died and baby owl is lost wandering around.
    1:34:00 – Everyone cacophonously sings in the lobby while having a idol meeting concert.
    Last Round (Crewmate Reaper)
    1:39:45 – Calli makes a fascinating sound effect.
    1:47:27 – Watson gaslights Calli once again.

    Watch ALL the other POVs from the other members, its really good. I recommend Ina's and Gura's POV as well.

  6. Can anyone timestamp reply me when calli panic running to gura thanks

  7. "WHY ARE YOU SO SCARED OF ME?!" – literally the Grim Reaper trying to kill people.
    That winstreak proves that ReaperTeam is always WinnerTeam, and if not – 'twas just a practice round and doesn't count.
    Next week's collab already sounds exciting, anticipating from now on!
    Spasibo for the stream! One thing Among Us needed was proximity chat, and with it is a another level of fun game!

  8. Classic Calli screwing herself over with phrasing.

  9. Everyone has great perspectives, but I definitely should've watched Calli's. Her pon is just too good

  10. That was even more chaotic than I was expecting and that's saying something. Damn, that was a wild ride. I particularly like the second round where Calli was trying so damn hard to be sneaky and unsuspecting, but her poor phrasing kept screwing her over. That was hysterical. Plus, all of the terrified screams from her during the rest of the collab. I feel kinda bad for laughing, but it was just too damn good. Who'd have thought Among Us would be one of the scariest games you've played, Calli? I also loved how proud you were of completing your tasks as a crewmate. That's our dutiful, ever helpful sheriff. But, the thing I appreciated most was that, after the screams, sass, and accusations, there was genuine love and comradery amongst you girls. You're always so kind and supportive towards each other and it's always so heartwarming to see. Thank you all for such a fun collab. Happy it went so well, with minimal technical hiccups. Hope you can do something like this again soon.

  11. Fauna playing the potted plant in lobbies looks really funny to me.

  12. i love it when she enjoys a game ,its really fun to watch

  13. 1:02:53 "For Ina who turned her back on me"

    Eh don't be to hard on Ina, we ALL would be done the same.

  14. Player: Kiara
    Offense: Ghosting
    Primary victim: The Sherif
    Game outcome affected?: No.

    55:20 Kiara(inno) claims The Sherif(T) vented (she didn't vent)
    1:00:00 Kiara(inno) accuses The Sherif(T) of killing Fauna (she didn't kill Fauna)
    The Sheriff(T) is RDM'd due to Kiara's accusations.

  15. Next time you type "zomg" in chat send it you coward.

    Also good job, it was a really fun stream.

  16. To be fair, Mumei probably forgor that she saw you so she couldn't remember to say she saw you.

  17. I'm dying at those slip ups when you were imposter. Very entertaining

  18. Thanks you for the fun stream Collab today Calli 😁❤️, stream very amazing 😆

  19. This stream was amazing!!! Sadly, I couldn't Watch it all Because of homework. But I've seen some clips and this will definititely go into EN history

  20. God forbid callli to end up in court in any way… Shell end up getting the chair that same day for something she didnt even did XD

  21. 45:12 lmao Watson's scream when she died being heard all echoey is so perfect :'D

  22. MRC Tries It™: Bugged OPSEC Mechanics (Vent Edition)

  23. Kiara being top right for one in her life.

  24. Vod gang! The collab was absolutely hilarious!
    Very excited for what Ame and you girls have in store for us next week!
    See you guys next stream! EACE!

  25. Mumei's howdy partner blasting Calli's eardrums had me rolling

  26. 1:22:13 this moment is pure bless, seeing Calli freak out cuz Gura appeared out of nowhere is hilarious~

  27. Well absolutely love your time as an imposter and so on. Thanks for the collab, Calli.

  28. calli you're a sneaky reaper.

  29. 1:30:52 Calli watching on surveillance cams Ame and Same running around in a circle, arguing for 40 seconds before the round ends lmaoo

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