You made us cry... -

You made us cry…

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  1. do anyone else agree that funneh is sooo cuteee 💙

  2. KREW ANIMATICA:*playss flipaclip
    me:wait I play that to 😀

  3. 2:39 I was laughing then a booger came out of my nose 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Me: waiting for 3rd krew reacts
    A year and 3 months laters (i think)

  5. UGH I’m so broke IM NOT A MEMBER OF KF

  6. Did anyone see rainbow throw her plush

  7. Draco likes to say the n word 😂😂😂

  8. I’m joining the KF I love your videos so much and I want to join the group chat🥺

  9. I can't join KF I'm sorry my big sister don't have money sorry

  10. Don't cry too funny ghost crying too

  11. funneh:i fell like im crying is anyone else crying? kim:😭😭😭

  12. We need more reaction videos please it’s amazinh

  13. funnh; waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. 0:19 me: which is them talking and Which is in the video ;-;

  15. BRUH! someone asked me today.. Moody or APHMAU?
    Hmm I think ima choose….

  16. It was when they played try not to rage uno

  17. Same as kim i get scared a lot and easily

  18. We love your videos so so much 💗 funnhey

  19. Wedding not that big she does the little a little a little mouthy of the girl

  20. Kat:am l the one crying?*Kim keep crying*

  21. I all weus work the be sad I woth videos and I am 8 years old

  22. Me: mom can we get kit kat mom: we have kit kat at home: kit kat at home:

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