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Who’s the IMPOSTOR? Among US Fanart

Raf Grassetti
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  1. This was made using ZBrush, 3dsmax and Photoshop

  2. Why he’s killing me I’m red in among us

  3. Green: It's red, i saw him killing blue!
    Red: no
    Green wasn't the impostor

  4. Это какой программа название плис

  5. Yo jaystations second channel called "666" stole this art and put it in his tumbnail

  6. 👍👏😊Awesome, I wna learn it🥺🥺

  7. Hey I was wondering if I'm allowed to ask a question,so this guy has a thumbnail of your blender art. And I was wondering if he stole this from you?

  8. cheaters virus in among us

  9. Idk man, red seems kinda sus to me…

  10. This is just so great to see the level of detail and skill is just increble

  11. 와 이렇게도 그림을 그릴수가 있구나

  12. Oha lan helal len vallaha çok süper

  13. Everyone remember brown is always SUS

  14. Hey how we download and play this game

  15. i see that you sell a lot of fan art of comics i relly need to now about this to my art <3 if i can make model like this, but not this and sell just stl file, please …i work with licenses of photos too soo i think this most work at that same way rigth ? difference that when i do some fan art, and yes i drawing too .rs would it be a recreation of the work? could be sued for that?

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