Turning the Impostor into a horrifying monster // Among Us Fanart - amongus.gallery

Turning the Impostor into a horrifying monster // Among Us Fanart

DaWaed Studios
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I think I got a little carried away

Real-time: 6,6 hours
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  1. For those of you who haven't watched my last video.I'm unfortunately gonna have to upload less videos and my uploading schedule may become almost random. I may upload once a week, or even once per two months, I really don't know. I just recently started going to school and work, which of course resulted in a lot of stress and returning mental health issues. I'm just asking you guys to please be patient, because I'm really trying my best to upload as much as I can.Thank you for understanding.

  2. Omg this is soo good. nice job dude

  3. /function "DaWaed Studios" upvote youtube:Turing_the_Imposter_into_a_horror_monster//Among_us_Fanart

    Command successful (Great art)

  4. Wow it have the same model of Xenomorph but in among us 🙂

  5. Me trying to figure out how to be able to explain how cool this looks: :^) Ah yes very much nice, to nice, lots nice, 👏🤧

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