There’s Been a Murder! | Among Us ANIMATED -

There’s Been a Murder! | Among Us ANIMATED

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I played a bit of among us with my friends recently and there were just… SO many moments that had me in absolute stitches; and today I wanted to bring those laughs to life with a little bit of animation! (There were so many moments in fact that I couldn’t fit them all into this video, but I tried to include a bunch of the good’uns, lol)

It’s been a hot minute since I made a silly lil’ animated video like this – I forgot how fun they can be! It’s only a short one, but I really hope y’all enjoy it.
Lemme know which bits gave you the biggest laugh down in the comments! (^^)/





(Tracks in original video sourced from Kevin Macleod / YouTube Audio Library)

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  1. this is the most chill game of among us i had ever witness

  2. Everyone here is so ✨soft✨ I don't think I'd have suspected any of you as killers.

  3. I'm pretty sure that moydurr is the cutest way you could possibly say that word

  4. I dont know what to say 🤣 that was awesome

  5. Okay, this was hilarious and I loved it and I hope y'all do more like this because it was a DELIGHT to watch both the highlights here, and the other video of the games themselves.
    I only WISH you had included the clip of Beth self-reporting and Jenny's reaction of "Oh. My. God. OH my god! The CHEEK." Because I must have re-watched that little bit maybe a dozen times, it was so hilarious!

  6. I feel pretty good because out of all the game's- Where the hell am I??? Out of all the game's we'v- D'oh ohhh noooo! XD

  7. There has been a moydurr gives off the most intense detective Temmie vibes and I love it

  8. omg! i was hoping for the day to see you play amoung us!!

  9. This is awesome! I'd love to see more of them 😀

  10. Ok squeaky bat murder was just the most adorable thing!

  11. All of you sound so soft and combined with the art style ☺️

  12. The way Alex says “oOOoohh noOOooO” is my favorite thing

  13. I love this, it's so adorable and there are just murders happening everywhere and it's still adorable <3

  14. 1:24 “Where the hell am I…oH nO.” Is a fat fucking mood


  16. Gosh, I love this so friggin' much

  17. Pffft, this cracked me up big time and I usually don't even find this type of video funny XD

  18. you and your friends are so cute xD

  19. Honestly I want more of you guys

  20. "they all suspected everyone accept me"

  21. 1:16
    Amy has such a good evil laugh and I absolutely love it.

  22. All of y'all have such sweet and soft voices it's a adorable!

  23. I once killed in front of a friend of mine, she ran and pressed the button and I convinced the other person that was in the round she did it. The description of my among-us character has been "Will betray you" ever since

  24. "Out of all the games we've played today- oH- oH nOo" that's my favorite part GAJSHSJAJS

  25. "Where the hell am I-Oh Noo,"
    Me too Alex me too

  26. There has been a MYOURDERR

    Thats so cute oh my gawd

  27. I'm so happy you made this Alex, it got me so invested in the let's plays they're so funny! I love all your friends 💕

  28. Soft spoken… vibes of Shane and ryan

  29. You have friends….. not for long if you play among us

  30. Okay, I'm commenting on this again, because watching this video after getting to know everybody better makes it THAT MUCH MORE hilarious.

  31. I absolutely love this! So cute and funny. Please say you're gonna do another.

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