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The Imposter Kiss Part 1 | Among Us Comic Dub

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Impostor Love Story Part 1 | Among Us Comic Dub

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  1. This is the most adorable little thing EVER

  2. What black are boy white are girl

  3. wow. her. youz. are its pay pony. is okay and What. the. hell he Love. guys is so dad

  4. I don't understand the yellow is boy or girl

  5. white have yellow eyes hmm true white x yellow UnU

  6. can i start with, among us kiss, nani what the fuck, this is cursed ass
    i dont even know where to start

  7. When will part 2 come out pls tell me pls

  8. Can u do another part i wanna now more. 😢😬

  9. Yellow is from sonic it’s tails

  10. Ummmm what in the heII did I just watch I'm making a gacha life story of this



  12. me while watching vid: (farts)

    me: oof

  13. What does love have to do with finding out who is the imposter, wtf

  14. 1:24 the "ding dong" is ironic😂😂😂😂

  15. hmm actually I have also experienced this but a little different and with an impostor hacker among us, yes maybe because I'm a fellow cheater too. So at that time I was a host in the game, after that I asked them if anyone wanted to accompany me? and yellow wanted to be with me, after that we played together, and yellow never killed me even though I knew yellow was an impostor after we played about 3 rounds, yellow asked me if I was a cheater, after that I was silent for a while, and he said that he is also a cheaters or hackers. after that I answered I was the same. after all that yellow told me that yellow loved me aaa I was very happy at that time even though I didn't know whether yellow was a girl or a boy and his color was yellow too, I couldn't know his name because yellow username was the words 'i love you'. I really want to see yellow again

  16. O1GBiggestFan I Like O1G He Better Than T-series says:


  17. O1GBiggestFan I Like O1G He Better Than T-series says:

    Gurl and Gurl?

  18. O1GBiggestFan I Like O1G He Better Than T-series says:


  19. O1GBiggestFan I Like O1G He Better Than T-series says:


  20. How about yellow and white did meet again in another life(match)

  21. I get cringe for some reason but i love the video so i look forward for the part 2 i guess…

  22. wwwwwwhhhaaaat is this love connfesson

  23. This is the only video I added to fav on yt. Hope it can grows from a part 1 to an ongoing episode :3
    Hope part 2 will come sooner.

  24. Never gets bored watching again and again

  25. White is hacker how can she know yellow is impostor
    Report her

  26. Whites voice Sounds so nicea:|3@

  27. Virgin impostor shipping fan vs chad amogus enjoyer

  28. I love it and wheres the part two in two it

  29. I know Yellow's voice from somewhere, but I can't pinpoint which anime I recognize his voice from. Anyway, I can't wait for part 2. 😇

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