Sun and Moon REACT to YOUR FANART!? -

Sun and Moon REACT to YOUR FANART!?

Sun and Moon Show
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Welcome to Sun and Moon Show! Sun and Moon Show you will find new and exciting content featuring your favorite character from Five Nights at Freddy’s and Security Breach! Enjoy the daily content and make sure to subscribe!

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  1. Scottish Irish? Bro I’m Scottish and Irish XD

  2. I stopped watching this video to go see this check hotel one

  3. “Friendship is a terrifying concept to some people” moon-2022

  4. Play backgrounds in vr

  5. When you two reacted to sun saying claude it got me laughing so hard that i started haveing tears a little bit😂

  6. One question what is that behind moon?

  7. I like the Sun and Moon Show, But sometimes they just post random stuff, but it is always so FUNNNY, I LAUGH ALLL THE TIME

  8. So fucking funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. "Today, we have a bit of a special episode today-" anymore todays Sun?

  10. Its TOO fun for me! FAN ❤❤❤

  11. ok hoo BICH MABE SUN AND MOON CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. no offense sun…you are kinda scary. I mean moon is scarier but he guy has a point. also amazing videos that never fail to make me laugh! love ya keep up the good work!

  13. Are you actually real if so I love your videos


  15. Actually, I did make a drawing of you to the moon phase of you as dogs. I’ll take a photo of it and I’ll see if I can like why and get like a little post alphabet

  16. I can’t send it before you know it since moon is especially from his like that I did your neck

  17. What is the name of the episode in the Sun and Moon Show at the end of this video?

    It's on 18:20 I think?

  18. Both of you kiss me 😍🥰😘👄🫦💋

  19. I was just trying to have a normal day 😂🤣

  20. But you dont have to have a green kard you kann also yous the number

  21. 12:33 when Sun has a stroke and literally just gives up talking is TOO RELATABLE 😂😅

  22. Sun is more scaryer then moon to be honest.

  23. When moon said"friend ship is teferring" is right

  24. You guys should react to the videos that people make where moon and son are dating

  25. 3:36 moons smile was like he was planning something bad😂

  26. Don't worry Moon I may draw you as a ninja soon…

  27. I appreciated that peridot reference from Steven Universe because not many people know what it is btw peridot is my favourite gem

    Btw sun and moon I appreciate you guys so much moon is my favourite because I like the dark and sun ur also my favourite because ur so nice and tidy keep ur content up and running

  28. Sun and moon I don’t wanna be mean, but both of you are bored so moon you can’t be real seen your brother sun rays do count as hair people do have that hair color so you’re does ball you’re just jealous. Stop being a bully.

  29. I have a question what was you just like in the same body but where was Luna and the other son guy where was y’all where was lamar . that’s my real question cause we only see you were coming out of security breach security ruin DLC Ronaldo where he at worth it wasn’t ruined what was just a mega Pizza place are you seriously need answers

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