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[Speedpaint]- Among Us Fanart for Neytirix (Blood Warning)

Banditø Eagle
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Okay, I know this game has lost its hype and I never even personally played it…
But these two are kind of cute in a flesh-melting, bone-twisting way.
Inspired by ​@Neytirix ‘s brilliant PMV (?):

Time: 3.5 hours
Reference art by Neytirix

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  1. Hey YT deleted the comment again ;-; but I got your notification and I think killing butterfly meme will work 😀 if that ok whit you!

  2. Bro, ur awesome at this. You make it look easy, maybe i should try for myslef?

  3. Love how you have nice music but ur drawing something gory lol 😂 This is amazing doh!

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