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Speed paint – Among us redraw – (fan art)

RoSe speed
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Hey! look at this progress! I’m really happy with how this redraw came out and hope that everyone found it fun to watch. Just keep doing what you love and you will get better 🙂

But seriously I’m obsessed with this game again, have you see all the new colors they added!!! XD

Thank you for watching

I do not own any of this music it belongs to Moondai EDM Remix and JM – No Copyright Music

song 1- AMONG US Theme song (Remix) [No Copyright Music]

song 2- AMONG US Theme song (Moondai EDM Remix) (Youtube Tracks – No Copyright)
Outro- [Music Box Cover] Inuyasha OST- Iunuyasha’s Lullaby by Musicbox cover

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  1. Amazing progress! Imagine where you’ll be a year from now!

  2. You’ve improved so much!!!!! So good 😀

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