Sokka Finds The Imposter! | Among Us Comic Dub X The Last Airbender Comic Dub -

Sokka Finds The Imposter! | Among Us Comic Dub X The Last Airbender Comic Dub

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The GAang is playing Among Us together and Sokka is as always not that great in convincing the others… (Among Us X Avatar: The Last Airbender)

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The images in the video are fictional and not real.

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Artist of the Comic:

☆ @Miss Shellah as Katara, Toph, Suki

☆Adda as Sokka

☆AdamNewVO as Aang

☆”That’s rough buddy” from the original voice line.
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  1. have a qwestion why is anng s name Kuzon toph's B Bandit and sokka's CptnBoom

  2. my favorite character is zuko an btw thank you soo much video bigggggfan of the last air bender

  3. Atleast he can meet his girlfriend, the moon

  4. Sokka:I WAS BIENG CHASED!!!
    Aang:*reports ponytail man*
    Zuko:that's rough buddy😞

  5. The fact that sokka is captain boomerang and zuko is sifu hotman cracks me up

  6. yo this animation is crazy and cool

  7. I’m sokka it is pronounced with an okka folks I just rocked yaa

  8. Imagine if Uncle Iroh was there and he was just immune to being killed because he is like that.

  9. Them realizing he wasn’t an imposter so they vote Katara next time:

  10. Me when katara is the imposter: What?! That, was, CRINGE!

  11. Aang's name was never kuzon his friend in the fire Nation was named kuzon.

  12. I love at how the end Zuko says ‘that’s rough buddy’ 🤣

  13. I like the touch of Sifu Hotman lmao

  14. I like among us and avatar. Now I found a comic that has both! My favorite is probably Aang

  15. I find it hilariously ironic that she killed zuko first of all people 🤣

  16. Iroh is imposter, Iroh tells everyone, he gives everyone tea

  17. Well at least Sokka can be with yue now

  18. There’s no imposter in ba sing sUs

  19. I fricken love how Zuko's name is SifuHotman 😂

  20. How you do that you have a heart attack

  21. Alternate title:me and my sis be like

  22. Ppfffttt love dis lol 🤣😂👍🏼✨

  23. I think sokha was freaking out because…
    1. He got chased the the imposter(Katara)
    2. His bf got killed in front of him😂

  24. Daang, Katara really made sure Zuko's destiny ended right then and there.

  25. I'll be honest Suki not just being biased for Sokka is out of character it would've been funny if Suki was the only one who would belive sokka

  26. Tell me who your favorite The Last Airbender Character is! 😀

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