Rainbow Friends Evil Blue fixed! #shorts #satisfying #youtubeshorts #rainbowfriends #edit - amongus.gallery

Rainbow Friends Evil Blue fixed! #shorts #satisfying #youtubeshorts #rainbowfriends #edit

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Welcome to Arts and crafts room PINKORO😊
Today’s video is 「Rainbow Friends Evil Blue fixed! Paper Craft Animation」

Let’s learn “how to traditional drawing” “3D drawing” “easy paper craft ideas” and so on from this handwriting YouTube channel.
Traditional drawing is easy and fun.
I hope you enjoy this video.


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  3. Sabías que Dios no te va a creer y no te va a ayudar por qué porque estás creyendo en cosas del diablo 👿👿😂😂

  4. He's cute at the end but not the button eye

  5. podrías ASER un bideo de cómo eres
    Telo manda Aurora 😊☺️❤️🌷💐😘

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    My fyp

    Edit:I liked my own comment idk why i did that

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  12. That's blue in the rainbow friends

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