PEWDIEPIE as Among Us Character | Among us Fan art. -

PEWDIEPIE as Among Us Character | Among us Fan art.

Lure Art
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Among us Character in PEWDIEPIE’s avatar. I included Sive too and hope that his looks won’t terrify you…..
Also notice Edgar and Maya on top of the Tambourine tower…..

Floor Gang ahoo…..

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  1. hi lure i don't have anything to say because i am too early i haven't even watched the video

  2. That’s awesome man I like how you added hats and pets.

  3. Who is the shout out for todays video

  4. I just started playing this game, it's one of the only games I ever get into and you draw him soo well👏👏

  5. Wow! Awesome! New subbie 🙂

  6. This amazing ! You're talented ! stay connected 🥰

  7. This was a great video, Among Us has definitely become popular! Pewdiepie looks great in the style you put him in! Also, check out your Instagram! My surprise art is waiting for you!

  8. You have earned a new sub this is a sick drawing
    Edit: alcohol markers?

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