Mini Crewmate [Among us Polymer clay Fan Art] :) -

Mini Crewmate [Among us Polymer clay Fan Art] :) Customized Gifts
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Hi, Chibi Lovers! 🙂 Kumusta?
It’s been a while since I uploaded my last video.
I’ve been busy doing my drawing commissions on @lovelyreindrops [FB& IG] lately.
For now, here’s a quick Mini Clay Among us Fan Art 😀
Hope you all like it!
What color and head accessory is your favorite to use on your avatar?
Weeeeiii~ Leave your comments below! rar XD
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  1. Wow! I've been waiting na gumawa kayo nyan hahahahaaha. Keep on working. 💥❤️

  2. Sarap po panoorin ng video nyo habang ginagawa Haha. Kaka relax 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  3. Can you make Eri from my hero academia . please . I want it in a week

  4. I love this! How long did it take you to make the mini crewmate?

  5. Wow that's was so cute good job and keep up

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