It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover (Trailer) -

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover (Trailer)

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Hi Guys!

I haven’t created any type of fan made video in over 3 years but this book got me out of my slump and into trailer making again! I know my casting choice for Atlas isn’t how a lot of people see him but when I was reading it – the blond hair, blue “husky” eyes, this is exactly who I saw.

This trailer is SPOILER-FREE version. If you want a spoiler version of Lily’s story, it’s here:

Sadie Sink as Young Lily
Abigail Cowen as Adult Lily

Danny Griffin as Young Atlas
Lucas Bravo as Adult Atlas

Theo James as Ryle Kincaid

Book: It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover
Music: Boston by Alec Chambers


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Disclaimer: I do not own the music or the actors. Only the finished product as a whole is mine.

P.S: Sorry in advance if this is blocked on some platforms or in some countries!


Q: What app do you use?
A: I use PowerPoint, then put that together with Windows Movie Maker.

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  1. Really hoping for if some how ryle could change

  2. I fell for Ryle so hard that i wanted to rip out the other half of the book.I wish Ryle was a little for patient and sensible and Lily was a little more loyal to Ryle then they would have been the endgame and ruling the book world.He was so wipped and changed himself for her but the fucked up big time.and she couldn't love him the way she loved Atlas.

  3. Cried laughed,blushed fell in love with the characters and then cried like a hell.. when she asked for the divorce i cried because i wanted them to end up together nicely.. but it all got messed up ..but she chose the right person ♥️🥺😭

  4. From the very first introduction of atlas… It was atlas for me.❤

  5. What is up with this PowerPoint presentation

  6. But ryle I was expecting little different

  7. You know what’s makes me so mad? The cast won’t even be nearly as perfect. Prob some ugly men that makes you wonder why in the world would she be head over heels for them. Like the first time I saw Edward Colleen after reading the books lol. this cast is 🤩

  8. Wow I've read the novel novel and Now m here……..

  9. It feels different to watch this trailer just after reading the book.

  10. Whare could i find this movie ?
    Is it on Netflix or..?

  11. This is a very well done fan-trailer, but I don't entirely agree with what these characters are being presented as.

    To downplay Ryle's abusive and controlling nature and the times he literally beat her and tried to sexually assault her? I understand that people in abusive relationships struggle to get out, but I feel like ignoring his horrific actions is glorifying this as a love triangle when in reality it is about an abusive man and a woman who reaches out to a safe place in her childhood friend. I adore her relationship with Atlas. He was so kind and understanding and a wonderful soul. To pretend that Ryle is some misunderstood bad-boy is highly problematic and sends the message that angry young men are not at fault for their actions and that women can "change them" or that it's between a "bad boy" and a truly good man.

    This is why I hate the "love triangle" aspect. Regardless, this is a wonderfully cast trailer (Sadie is perfect, and I like the Theo casting). But I am going to be pissed AF if the actual movie does not address the fact that Ryle is an abusive piece of trash, regardless of his past. I had a terrible past. I never once took it out on others around me. His actions are not excused just because he had a hard childhood. Atlas had a terrible childhood, too. And he was not an aggravating prick. In fact his childhood made him more compassionate.

    I hate Ryle, period. And I hate that this is being romanticized in general. People are missing the whole point by making it into some kind of love triangle. That's not what it was. It was a woman being abused trying like hell to get out of her relationship with an abusive man.

    The second book was so much better. The first was just a ridiculous "love triangle" dynamic. And while I support the end of that book and what happened…I hate this being romanticized. People need to see the true abuse for what it was. It could save lives.

  12. I always shipped Atlas and Lily, tho when I read about ryle i shipped them. In it starts with us I LOVED THE SHIP OF ATLAS AND LILY SM

  13. You casted the perfect actors for this.

  14. OMGGGGGGG MAX FROM STRANGER THINGS IS PLAYING A ROLE! It's probably the younger version of Lily!!!

  15. help ive always imagined min ho from xo kitty as Ryle yall 😭

  16. When I started reading this book, I fell in love with the character of Ryle from the very first moment and I was so excited to read the next story that I completed the entire book in just 1 day and half night. And all the characters are aweasome . I must say Colleen Hoover did a really great job ❤️

  17. I've read this book last week for the first time😍 and now I am reading "it starts with us" 😍 I am absolutelly in love with this sikwell. Looking forward for the film. Don't know when we will have it here in Russia, but I will find the way to watch it in English 😁


  19. Theo would be the perfect choice for Ryle 😭✨

  20. Four is Ryle. Ryle is Fourrr!!! If you know you know

  21. The guy Atlas is so……. handsome😍

  22. Thought Blake Lively was playing Lily?

  23. loved this fiction to death <333333

  24. wait but whos gonna play Allysa and Marshall…

  25. Honestly reading this book I had her in mind even though I didn’t knew she existed

  26. Is there anyone who can give me the source of the movie??? I want to see that awesome masterpiece ❤❤

  27. I love this book, I'm completely hooked! I couldn't stop reading every page, I spent 6 hours completely reading this. Tears on my cheeks keep on flowing. until now I kept on crying. 😭💔💔💔

    I just hope on the ending side Lily wouldn't end up with Atlas. I know it sounds selfish but with due respect for Ryle, even though they're not together. I know Ryle was the main reason for the end of their marriage. but Part of Atlas was also their reason for breaking up. I mean she could have found someone else that Ryle would be less hurt.

  28. Abbey is perfect for Lily😭😭😭😭

  29. The two dudes both look like they came out GQ. I did read the book and it describes a real-life serious issue I shall not go into, but the dreaminess of the trailer is misleading.

  30. Where can i watch this full movie?
    pls tell😪

  31. These are not the characters i imagined but okay

  32. Lily don't deserve Ryle. He didn't even wanted a relationship but he loved Lily very much. The feeling of betrayal made him react like that. What if Lily herself showed all her stuff with the memories of Atlas to Ryle he would had understood. She hided it that what the actual problem.
    1st fight :Ryle also the one who got cut in his hands.
    2nd fight : That is because of Atlas mobile number in Lilly's case. Ryle tried to leave for getting time to think but Lilly forced him stay she didn't gave him time. Also Ryle asked her to avoid him.
    Why does she want her past in present? 🤷🏼‍♀️.
    3rd fight : Ryle's higher studies idea they sorted out.
    4th fight: At the first Ryle asked for NAKED TRUTH. Lilly hided it thats what the main problem and reason for the heartbreak.
    Why does Lilly want Atlas when she is with Ryle?
    I'm against Lilly.

  33. Is the movie coming out with these specific actors?? Please say yes and not this blonde that I've heard.

    Sadie sink only❤❤❤🎉

  34. First an amazing novel, then an amazing cast, GO GO SADIE SINK

  35. io avrei scelto un altro attore per atlas

  36. Guyss this full trailer video is fake.. Blooms and atlas scene they copied from the series name ' Fate – the winx saga ' so dont expect too much from this trailer.

  37. hi guys! a lot of you wanted a spoiler version so i made another video! it’s my most recent vid 🙂 xxx

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