Impostor in Training ★ Among us fanart -

Impostor in Training ★ Among us fanart

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I always see such cute wholesome fanarts with crewmates and their little crewmates, but how about an impostor and their little impostor

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  1. I hope that in the end it does not kill him and that without living :')) . Beautiful as you draw

  2. Such wow such Beauty! The most bootiful Art of Among Us!! I love it!!

  3. Such an incredible fanart !!! Keep going !

  4. Imposter: "What do you have?"
    Kid: "A knife"
    Imposter: "I'm do proud of you."

  5. You're a sneaky little impostor
    Aren't you? Aren't you?

  6. Cool artists: let's make something awesome with this cute character

    Crazy me; turn it into a monster!!!!!

  7. Holy shit, you've improved so much since I last saw you in that old 'Me in different aus' video- well done

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