How to Make AMONG US Characters with Clay (Easy) - Among Us Fan Art -

How to Make AMONG US Characters with Clay (Easy) – Among Us Fan Art

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How to Make AMONG US Characters with Polymer Clay, Very Easy – Among Us Fan Art
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  1. This is clickbait! Look at the thumbnail! On the thumbnail image, the among us character looks so good! But look at the real result! It's clickbait! I'd also wish for you to change that music! It's making my dad's tablet screech and the music is kinda creepy. Change the music PLEASE!!!

  2. This vid is just what I needed… other clay youtubers don’t explain very well… and they never show what I need so this is amazing to me

    ding ding ding ding ding ding ding dingdingding

  4. I love it i asked for clay for Christmas

  5. Hi i like your video and its AMAZING!I love it its perfect And i sub now.

  6. I wish I had clay 😞💔

  7. i made it and it wass real good

  8. This helped slot because someone got me one of these and well it melted so I needed this so I could get it back to normal thank you 🙂💕

  9. Sooooooooo cooooooooooooool !!!!!!!

  10. Can you make a bendy among us plz

  11. I was doing that an di thought the backround was an ocean XD im bad at making this i have aclay thought XD

  12. Today i did one , but a little bit ugly,it's the red one

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