How to draw among us (Among Us FanArt) -

How to draw among us (Among Us FanArt)

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How to draw among us (Among Us FanArt)

Hello guys. This game was awesome. I hope you’ll like my simple Fanart drawing. Im not that good artist like others but I hope you’ll appreciate it.

Drawing materials:
Watercolor- Li’l hands
Pencil- Faber-Castell 2H
Pen- HBW 9801
Paper- Corona Sketch Pad 9”x12” / 50 sheets
Video materials:
Camera-Iphone 6
Trypod-3stand trypod 3110
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  1. Taraaaaaay nsa recommendation hahah si venom n sana kung si black yang impostor😂

  2. galing mo naman mg,draw lodi..more drawig vids pa po soon..

  3. Magaling ka rin po pala mag drawing

  4. Ang galing mo gumuhit idol napaka artistic mo idol astig pwede yan ang cartooning idol

  5. Galing nman magdrawing.. talented ka pla host.. Sna all may talent hahaha luto lng alam ko..

  6. ang galing nman po sana all marunong magdrawing hehe ..

  7. Ang galing mo nmn mag draw kapatid

  8. Very impressive keep it up at sana marami kapang ma inspired na tao thanks for sharing and continue you have a great talent.

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