Good To Be Alive FanArt || Among Us Song -

Good To Be Alive FanArt || Among Us Song

Pëåçhïxty ツ
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(I do not own the music in this video)
Since my “No Reason To Lie” did so well, I decided to do “Good To Be Alive”. Next up is “So Suspicious” so be sure to turn on all notifications so you know when it’s released. Have a wonderful day, and don’t forget to smile 😁

Original Song:

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  1. I like how this has no dislikes after 3 days, yet my Lyin 2 Me got a dislike in 3 minutes……

  2. Lovely art!! 💖
    I think you should do Lyin 2 Me next 🥺🌸✨

  3. Pls! Somone make a topic witgh this fan arts?!?!?

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