Good To Be Alive - Among Us Song -

Good To Be Alive – Among Us Song

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Song by CG5
Animation by Luximus ▶
Guitars by RichaadEB ▶
Saxophone by Karsten Belt ▶
Art by Luximus & Maudolith ▶
Co-written with Muircat ▶

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I’m waking up,
breathing in clean air,
What a day, yeah,
What a sunny, funny day.
I feel so high, I can’t deny
A little better than okay,
Nowhere to go.
I shoot for stars, I’m Galileo.
Pack your bags and don’t be late.
The scenery flies before my eyes,
Don’t you dream of home, cuz it’ll have to wait.

It’s good to be alive,
It’s good to be alive,
I’m happy to survive,
So good.

Can’t kill my la-di-da vibe,
Suffocate my feelin’ alright,
Or asphyxiate my hype.
My bridges burned, no stone unturned.
It’s a relations’ massacre.
My new absolution,
My new lease on life has just begun today.
I ain’t worried ‘bout the fakes, or the bodies in my wake.
Baby, I’m a firework, like Pompeii.

It’s good to be alive,
It’s good to be alive,
I’m happy to survive,
So, so good.

The saints and angels sing,
Choir of the bells chime, ring ring ring.
I feel alive,
So alive!

It’s good to be alive,
It’s good to be alive,
I’m happy to survive,
So, so good.

It’s good!
So good!
It’s good!
So good!

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  1. I know why he can't feel himself drunk science

  2. I rember when i wqs like 8 and i lstened this so much i feel so old 😢😢 im 16

  3. Yellow would be more happy in the fungle 2024

  4. But there are 2 imposters tho…

  5. Is music good to be alive and live

  6. I can't believe this song is 3 years old

  7. its been so long since i've listened to this, so so many memories

  8. 2:45 yellow "all right everybody all together"☺️😊💕

  9. 3 years… i remember when this came out.

  10. Danm i remeber watching this when it said 15h ago this song sting band litirly yellow fired

  11. Ive never seen an imposter like this

  12. Yellow doesn't care about purple being the impostor

  13. yellow: WHAT A SUNNY FUNNY DAY!
    me: that is a nighty day not a sunny day

  14. Best song ever 😂😂😂😂❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊

  15. I rlly like the fact that purple dint kill yellow :3

  16. Arti dari lagu ini adalah hidup adalah kebahagiaan bersyukur lah dengan hidup seperti galileo ini

  17. I didn't know that yellow was the imposter, but i dont care i just love his personality!

  18. There is another one by megan trainer

  19. Who walked his song the first second it came out

  20. The detective in the song don't lie to me turns up dead at the end

  21. Enjoy the good things in your life

  22. crazy how in a month the TV show will release (I think) so I'm just reliving these Epic videos

  23. this song would mean so much to me if i actually thought what the title says

  24. Listening to this without watching the animation at age 16 really hits me hard considering I'm pretty sure a lot of people my age are undergoing depression and the reality getting closer to us, honestly thank you cg5

  25. Who is watching this just to get a glimpse of their childhood

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