FINDING THE WITCH - The Wolf Among Us Ch.3 Pt.2 -

FINDING THE WITCH – The Wolf Among Us Ch.3 Pt.2

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We find the witch and are introduced to some new villians

FINDING THE WITCH – The Wolf Among Us Ch.3 Pt.2

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  1. play animaljam, hungry shark evolution, dragonvale and transformice, thank you

  2. Did anyone else realize that Rachel knew Bigbys name even though he didn't tell her his name?

  3. your my favorite gaming youtuber and your really pretty and you always know  how to put a smile on my face

  4. as soon as i seen that little girl i new she was glamerd 

  5. Like this if you are watching this all over again

  6. If your going to be a detecter they shot your arm! U and family!👫😻😸

  7. Take the money!!!💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💴💴💴💴💳💰💵💴💳💰

  8. I think aunty green leaf had a daughter(Rachael) but she could have died when people came after green leaf(her mom because she's a witch) and that's why she's helping the bad people because the big bad wolf didn't do anything

  9. did anyone else laugh when she called the cauldron a crock pot XD 

  10. rachel sounds like maple from gravity falls 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Hey ihascupcake when are you going to do anuther single player minecraft seiris

  12. im in the begining i saw the janator dude on a wanted paper

  13. Where did I hear that witch's voice before?

  14. When cup quake said "oh those are the same cigarets that I smoke" I got confused

  15. Flycatcher was so scared his hair went up and I saw 1 of his eyes.

  16. The witch sounds like Medusa from Soul Eater!!

  17. Is it just me or did the little girl sound like Maka from soul eater?

  18. or crane is the boss and Bluebeard works for ceane

  19. I just realised that I'm just like Bigby yay

  20. if you go to cranes first you get to look and nothings burnt

  21. I don't get what is happening in the video even tho I watch it like 3 times already still I don't get it but I still like your videos cupquake (even tho I don't get what's happening)

  22. Noooooo! The clock at the beginning was the clock from beauty and the beast!

  23. I hate that you read the the things JUST STOP CUPQUAKE ANNOYING

  24. that girl reminds me of clem from the walking dead

  25. that little girl is 6 because she has her two front teeth out

  26. "Are they the witches" Tif don't you mean wizards?

  27. Rachel reminds me so much of Clementine

  28. Is flycatcher a normal guy with a frog hat or some kind of weird frog mutant human thing?

  29. Reaching this, and JD….. hEAds uP jD, iM a dEaD giRl wAlKinG

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