Fanart for Diy art's Art Contest! | Among us | (Speedpaint) -

Fanart for Diy art’s Art Contest! | Among us | (Speedpaint)

Fura the Furry
Views: 298
Like: 24
This was really fun! Their oc is so cute!

Art contest:

Song – Cipher ~ Kevin Macleod

Fps 15
Time taken – a couple of minutes
Apps i used:
Flipaclip (editing)
Ibispaint (drawing and footage)

I do not own the audio ot the characters!

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  1. PoggerssssYou’ve come really far tvtComing close on 1kYou can do this ! 😀

  2. That looks so pretty!!!!

  3. Wait among us characters do not have faces

  4. So cutee! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  5. I remember when u made it too 100 subs now look at you almost at a 1000 😩🤚 so proud of u and it’s squishy btw ❤️🌹

  6. This is so nice and cute also same like the other comment congrats for almost 1,000 Im really proud of u 😀

  7. Woah- you did that so fast- I’m impressed !

  8. How did you make a speedpaint in FLIPPING FLIPACLIP idk how I got subbed to you just 2 seconds ago

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