Fan-made Among Us Logic 1: -

Fan-made Among Us Logic 1:

The Cyan Gamer
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The characters in the video besides I was and Guy belong to GameToons here is the channel link: Making fan made Among Us Logics is inspired by Blue Gaming: and Veteran YT: Make sure you subscribe to all of them! This animation was made with #FlipaClip

Episode description: Player decides to play on with MrCheese in hopes of giving him the edge he needs to win, will help Player win, or will it just make it harder for him too win?

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  1. yo this popped up in my recommended.only real people remember among us logic

  2. Hi cheddar I can't wait for the among us logic can I gets shoutot plz

  3. The pog levels are through the roof rn

  4. Toto = cute because mr cheese pet

  5. Me when not orange and blue shows up: not-orange is not not-orange he is not-white
    Me: I predicted the future

  6. My favorite aul character is mr cheese, player, gentleman, veteran, captain, stoner and cheddar

  7. Looks very good chedar you are realy talented !

  8. YAY MAKE MORE Good boy Cheddar

  9. The twins mod really gets people confused, doesn't it?

  10. I love how the credits are like “me”

  11. Wow this is actually really good!

  12. Great job that must of took alot of time to do .

  13. This Is A Reanimated Version Of A Lost Episode Of Among Us Logic

  14. Me: Sees he knows about SocksFor1

    I see you are a man of culture aswell

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