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Drawing PURPLE from AMONG US with POSCA PENS #shorts

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Next up is PURPLE! Not gonna lie, sometimes these stereotypes are kinda “meh”. Especially this whole gender and colors thing haha. what do you think about these stereotypes? Is there really any validity to any of it. let me know!

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  1. As a purple everything you say is true for me

  2. I’m a female and I usually pick purple or pik or blue or cyan

  3. I Wear This Combo 🙂 (I'm A Girl)

  4. I’m always red but everyone finds me sus and never listens as well since everyone says red is sus 24/7 like that’s a dumb assumption for not only red but other colors as well

  5. I personally think that purple is always winning when imposter but can also try tricks to catch imposters and win as crewmate but usually fails

  6. im a boy and im purp btw im on my gf's account

  7. I feel like these stereotypes are fake
    👁👄👁I mean like colors are just colors

  8. Purple is a girls thing WHAT have I been living my life wrong as I'm a girl and I am always black so I'm confused

  9. I like choosing orange but purple is my secondary if orange is unavailable

  10. Purple from my experience are indeed mostly quiet but when they talk, they really know what their talking about and is very serious.

  11. I ask her to draw my among us Character
    But she didn't so I promised if she doesn't draws my character I will delete among us and so I definitely deleted it

  12. I love purple I am purple on among us

  13. As a female purple among us character i do get frustrated cuz ppl always vote me cuz i move sus and im not that silent but i dont rlly play among alot especially after free chat update cuz when i tried to sign in it said' failed try again"

  14. As a friend of a male purple player I strongly disagree for the gender debate, but he is very silent and usually caught near vents somehow (when he’s not even imp)

  15. i main dark blue or brown bc there both my favorite colors

  16. Yes I don’t like that my family thinks my sisters favorite color is pink! Her is blue but my parents keep denying it

  17. Eh my brother is always purple and people always listen to him and he is the most chatty person in the game ;-; (Also he doesn’t get frustrated)

  18. I'm purple and this is is accurate. Me when I see someone vent: Emergency Meeting
    Tells the others: they don't believe me

  19. i like cold colors like blues,cyans,purples and violets etc.

    I like drawing among us impostors too 😀

  20. As someone who is always purple, this is true

  21. I honestly think I might have become an among us meme but I can’t tell because I might have had a slightly different name

  22. This is so true I stopped playing as purple because of this

  23. 💜💜💜💜💜
    💜💜💜 💜💜💜
    💜💜💜. 💜💜💜

  24. Saying that pink is girls only color is sexist I can tell that she knows that I’m and I’m not calling her that

  25. This is literally me the article or something you read was right 😂

  26. Well I'm a female but I ALWAYS take yellow but if it's taken yeah I take purple

  27. I think the "female players main pink or purple" is just because people tend to assume everyone is a dude unless they're explicit about it, or use 'girly' colors like pink or purple. It's just the usual assumptions of gender, not particularly harmful but can be a bit annoying.


  29. I’m purple, and I barely relate the that. I don’t get frustrated easily, but I do get distracted. And I talk a LOT in games. I try to take charge sometimes. ❤❤

  30. Back when I played I was a blue main and wore the cowboy hat. My name was hmmmmm so whenever anyone said that as like a « I wonder who it could be » I would jump in and say « you rang ». I would be voted out as soon as possible after I did this

  31. i play red, cyan or black, cuz those are my favorite colors

  32. I'm a female cyan player, but my favorite color is purple if that counts for anything. the only purple player i personally know is male 🤷🏻‍♀️

  33. I’m a girl
    I play as purple
    I don’t talk
    I don’t talk BECAUSE I don’t wanna talk to y’all I wanna do my tasks or kill people
    Come on
    Play the d@*n game

  34. Okay so I like purple I play 99% of the time unless it’s taken but when I’m crew mate I get voted after like 6 seconds but when I’m imposter I win the game which your prob thinking oh well that doesn’t so so bad no cause I played among us for four hours and got imposter twice I’m not exaggerating

  35. I'm a female… And I'm a brown among us..

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