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Drawing Among Us (Fan Art)

Art by Julia Blakita
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Drawing Among Us fan art. Put thumbs up if you like this game 🙂 Nice way to help – share the video with your friends 🙂 Also you can subscribe and turn on notifications! Have a nice day!

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  1. 😰 😄 😡 😎 🤢Who is imposter?

  2. Thats incredible! it looks like cgi congratz again on ur amazing work

  3. Awesome game and awesome fan art! 🔥😎

  4. Amazing Master Piece Of Among Us

  5. Look at this imposter! Oh no! Amazing drawing :)))

  6. Never Expected Among Us Art From You
    This Looks Great Though!

  7. I didn't play this game yet but this fan art looks so good, nice job Julia!

  8. Love the Art! Can you draw the box art of ren and stimpy, stimpy's invention for the sega genesis pls? I really love your art!

  9. Cool among us drawing

  10. Mas não precisa olhar se você não quiser

  11. Everywhere i look, i see this thing, its starting to get annoying as hell (also nice pic, is this your first time doimg digital art?)

  12. I’ve never played that game before but good drawing!!🤩👍

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