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Disguised Toast’s 10,000 IQ Among Us special…

Disguised Toast
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Join Toast and friends for this special 10,000 IQ episode where we look back on some amazing Among Us moments, animations and plays of 2020.

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  1. Oh, my lord. Rae, seeing Toast come out of a vent, and then systematically having doors shut in her face, as she ran, screaming. His being in the same room as her after the final door, and killing her, was perfect. This is by far the funniest clip of anything, that I have ever seen. Thank you, Toast.

  2. BRODIN HAD ME ROLLING!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Never get caught faking dragon.

  4. Rewatching this and noticed it actually says 10.000 IQ and not 10,000 IQ lol How did no one catch this?!

  5. Toasts iq level is infinity♾️

  6. The keys at 23:05 this was a spectacle to behold 🤯🤯🤯

  7. Why this stuff actually kinda heart felt/sad honestly

  8. Is it just me or Toast looks like an asian Elon Musk

  9. ?????¿?????¿¿????¿??? I'm soooooooooooooooo my first day off

  10. I have watched so many of toast's games that I feel confident that I could probably call him on imposter/neutral. Love your strats dude

  11. Legend says he still has Ninja's left nut hung up on his wall

  12. Loved that game with X 😂 he honestly must've felt like a twat after Toast IQ'd it

  13. Cizzorz still has trust issues to this day!

  14. This entire time I’ve disliked the x dude and didn’t know why. This video jogged my memory😂 my 4yo nephew has more emotional control than that supposedly “grown” “man.” Hopefully toast can’t relate, but ya girl knows how to hold a grudge😂 people like the x dude really ruin games and should only be allowed on the internet with supervision.

  15. 7:529:02 honestly that was better than any Netflix movies/series I have ever seen

  16. Here me out. I didn't like this xqc guy one bit.

  17. one year ago he was at 10k subs. not he's almost at 4M!! So proud!!

  18. "If I did that, she'd come in my room and slap me"

    *she comes in and slaps him*

    Had his own "If I am lying may god strike me down on the spot" moment.

  19. I like how xqc insults toast and calls him dumb just because x himself is bad at the game

  20. Came back in 2022; glad I spent my Covid lockdown with these moments 😊

  21. Rae hates people who piss 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. its crazy how people still dont understand the play toast made w xqc at lights. It could've been him or rae for sure but the fact that xqc says he doesn't have his light panel open and doesnt bring up rae at all makes it for sure both of them. He wasn't wrong about who killed at lights he knew for sure it was one of them and accusing xqc was a way of seeing who it was.

  23. the toast brodin round.. "im good for ya"

  24. this is one of the many reasons I don't like x. Like everything he touches is just toxic. These guys usually have great times and after x totally different atmosphere. I'm glad they don't play with him

  25. uh…its me…from a year later. I know things.. September and October '22 on Twitch are CRAZY…get popcorn.

  26. jesus how can anyone honestly stand xQc

  27. Toast how the hell did you guess poki and Rae being imposters by fucking keys you are a legend a god at among us I could never guess imposters the way you do

  28. God I forgot how much I loved Brodin and Toast's MAFIA roleplay

  29. Xqc is a cringy man child on too much Adderall

  30. 5:50 raging toast is the funniest thing ever! That dank mic

  31. Most replayed section is just everyone skipping AOC lol

  32. Does X annoy anyone?, X throwing a tantrum, saying Toast is dumb and shouldn’t be seen as a 5head player, yet Toasts videos tell different 😂❤️



  34. Mr Toast… I still watching this video..
    Big fan from indonesia

  35. The intro feel so nostalgic

  36. How does he get 240k likes and 4 million views but only 3 and a half million subscribers

  37. Sound in the background in the GREATEST AMONG US IMPOSTOR PLAY at the end ?


    I got multiple laughers from that one

  39. I know this comment is late but when toast gonna show a post of ninja left nut?

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