Corpse Just Died | Pewdiepie and Jaiden (Among Us Fan Animation) 4K -

Corpse Just Died | Pewdiepie and Jaiden (Among Us Fan Animation) 4K

Bergs Art
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This took me about 8 Months to finish, a fun little side project.. hope you guys enjoy!

Original Clip:

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  1. OMG GUYS, I JUST REACTED TO PEWDS LATEST VID! I am soo freaked out seeing my animation in a Pewdiepie Video… I will be posting my reaction soon here on this channel. As soon as I stop shaking of excitement.

  2. I saw this from reddit. Love it!

  3. Lol this was amazing keep it up bro!

  4. This should blow-up and get more attention outside of Reddit

  5. Just saw you in pewds video. You made it in ☺ I hope you will get more attention. Because this is amazing

  6. You know you've done something right when Pewds reacts to your 800-viewed video

  7. this needs way more views, it’s so good!

  8. Please make more of these, this was hilarious 😂😂 and i LOVE your style

  9. Even in different Animation style this scene is still hilarious you did well animating this 😆

  10. i like that you went with a 3d / parappa the rapper style


  12. Jaiden look more menace in this animation

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