Come & learn with Pibby fan art 93! -

Come & learn with Pibby fan art 93!

Jonathan Kennedy
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⁠Welcome to wave 93 #pibby fans of my newest art! This time starring infected/surviving characters from franchises requested by both ​⁠​⁠ @niko-yp3ft & @B.F.79 including…
The English 5 member boy band from England; #onedirection
The band wearing yellow suits & with funny cone hats: #devo
The Warner bros/disney XD mashup show of mischief; #rightnowkapow
The game where you build, expand, & interact with the animal citizens of; #animalcrossing
& the worlds sussiest game where you hunt down the bad guy; #amongus

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  1. Wow, I wasn’t expecting Isabelle to survive.

  2. Pinned my Comment please
    Thank you for choosing one of my Requests Among us!

  3. Have you heard the Official Lego Animal Crossing sets?

  4. Ok, My requests are those 5 in the Wave 94
    I begging

    1. Dork Diaries
    2. Midnight Horror School
    3. Epithet Erased
    4. Johnny Test (Mary Test and Susan Test being survivors)
    5. Geometry Dash

  5. Please do these cartoons on part 93
    Littlest pet shop
    Oggy and the cockroaches
    And Incredibox

  6. Can you add phineas and ferb and boboiboy in the next wave and make perry as the survivor in phineas and ferb and make ochobot,probe,cattus, bellbot,motobot and qually as the survivors in boboiboy

    Oh and not to forget in boboiboy used the characters in their season 2 galaxy design.

  7. YES, The moon guy survive.
    And thank you for putting Fnac 3 tape music.

  8. oh i forgot about Right now Kapow.used to watch it when i was way younger

  9. Request for a pic for wave 94: Lethal Company

    Coil Head
    Eyeless Dog
    Ghost Girl
    Forest Keeper
    Bunker Spider
    Hoarding Bug
    Spore Lizard
    Snare Flea
    Baboon Hawl
    Earth Leviathan
    The Mask

    The Company Worker

    If you don't know what Lethal Company is, click is

  10. Please do ABBA:
    Infected: Benny and Frida

    Survivors: Agnetha and Björn

  11. Va a salir con 94 madness

  12. Can you do octonauts corrupted captian barnacles kwazii paso dashi and inkling survivors tweak and shellington

  13. Idea: five nights at Freddy’s(movie)
    Survivor: Mike and two of the ghost kids
    Infected:freddy foxy Bonnie chica Abby and two of the ghost kids

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