Among Us Streamers! | Speedpaint [FANART] -

Among Us Streamers! | Speedpaint [FANART]

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Hey! I’m back. Not with an animation, unfortunately!
(Though, I’d love to have one at hand to upload, I really enjoyed making the last one but I don’t have any motivation nor time)

This is just your regular speedpaint. Kind of, it’s a bit long.
I do apologise for the absurd length of it and the tab outs! I just took a long time drawing this so I had LOTS of footage (like 3 separate recordings)

Anyways, this is fanart for the four streamers/youtubers, Corpse, DisguisedToast, Sykkuno and Valkyrae! They stream a variety of games, but this is just their Among Us “personas” (see the little space blobs on their head)
I’ve been watching a hecka ton of streams from them all and have really enjoyed them! (I’ve been neglecting so much MCYT because of them and that’s how you know I like their content LOL)
Recommend you watch em all, their friendship dynamics are so amazing LOL

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Music (in order):

– October Weekend by Mark Arkinson
– Call Me by Plenka
– Arabian Nights by RudeLies & Facading (NCS song)
– Apollo by Malik Bash (NCS song)
– Everything Black by Unlike Pluto & Mike Taylor
– Lullaby by Snails House
– Dreamy Night by Lilypichu

Time Taken:

4-5 hours in total
(including every process meaning sketching, which I did not put in this video because I normally struggle for the first hour or so just trying to pose characters LOL)

Full Image:

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  1. Love it!!! How long did you draw in real time tho lolol love it so much stay safe and healthy!

  2. It is a very long speedpaint lol. Love the result though, especially the shades ^^

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