Among Us Shots: Crewmate's Transformation -

Among Us Shots: Crewmate’s Transformation

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Inspired by some of the more “Realistic” drawn suits from Various Among Us fan-art done, I tried my own animated take on a more “realistic” interpretation of the Among Us game.

A joint collab effort with my visual effects friend YuyaTakeda on incorporating his background visuals with my animation. Hope you enjoy this short experimental skit on the collaboration effort.

Directed and Animated by NCHproductions

Storyboarded/animatic done by NyangTofu

Visual post production, compositing and background work by YuyaTakeda

Sound design by strelok

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  1. Ah music from Time Splitters: Future Perfect! 🙂

  2. so like can it talk lol ? cause thats pretty integral to the game xD

  3. I thought we where getting warhammer 40k crew mates for a moment

  4. Guy don’t mean to be negative

    But I think red is the imposter

  5. Yep, that's pretty much how all of my games go…

  6. red is always sus or not but you guys think im sus but red is sus red is always sus

  7. The ending where Orange gets voted out is so relatable— TwT

  8. Can you make an animation about Bendy and the ink machine. If you know about the game, i would like if you make bendy transformation from demon to beast

  9. You can do this with animating cool

  10. Dude both of have different stuff cencored still good and funny but uncencored version is very very dark I love it.

  11. Doom slayers

  12. according to among us: everyone will always think the most trustworthy person is the one who literally did the crime

  13. It's just funny sussy Impostor game not fucking dead space, but Hy shit this looks cool

  14. this is really good animation

  15. 2:05 Wha– Guys Its not me! Its him! Its him!

  16. went from fake gameplay to real gameplay at the end

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