AMONG US | Realistic drawing | Imposter 🎨 fanart -

AMONG US | Realistic drawing | Imposter 🎨 fanart

The Indian Doodler
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this is my 2nd video and yess i know its really bad because at starting i really don’t know how to edit and filming but now i really became good at filming and editing too..

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So today I m drawing the one of the character of ‘Among us’ using colour pencils known as ‘ ‘Steadlers luna colour pencils’

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MY First Custom PSP video :
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Among us drawing :
Carryminati drawing :


Music in this video

Retnik beats : Nuke

Thanks for watching 😉

Love y’ll

Ok bye!

See you in the next video.

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  1. get on among drip

  2. Vary nice 🤗…💥💥🌹

  3. hey dude, I really appreciate your art but if you wanna make some really good youtube vids then you have to improve your camera and camera placement, does it make any sense? sorry if I don't, so yea… I really loved your artwork it is super amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Cool

    One thing- don’t self promote on other people’s channels like gawx.
    I know you wouldn’t be happy if that happened to you

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