Among us part3| Sun and Moon show fan-animatic|#sunandmoon #sunandmoonshow -

Among us part3| Sun and Moon show fan-animatic|#sunandmoon #sunandmoonshow

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I was like why not post the part 3 since I have time, I was on a freaking roller coaster like today, after the Baby Sun vid I felt sick for idk wut reason, and few hours later I felt better again, so I made this cuz WHY NOT?
Also pls wait until part 4, it will 100% appear

Anyway hope u enjoyed it~~

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  1. I really think your anmations are good and i can see you getting alot better in the future. I only started making videos as well and i wish you the best of luck on your channel

  2. The aggressive pointing is beautiful ✨

  3. Moondrop:I’m always sus you can never trust me~
    Sunrise:but ur my brother-
    Moondrop:I’m untrustable brother you never can trust me in a game of ✨among us✨

    Ecilpse:åm Ì å jðkê †ð ¥ðµ!?

  4. FT Foxy: Why you so scared of him?
    Sun: He killed so many people. T~T
    Everyone: … Ok, valid.

  5. Amazing how much emotion you could put on these little faceless spacemen.

  6. Sun:I’m still prettified that he did that in front of me
    Eclipse:moon is ….a creepy killer I would say
    (Moon in th s background):I can here u

  7. I love this art and I think they should do more among us videos, when I say they I mean sun and moon from the sun and moon show!

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