Among Us Logic: Player Can Beatbox?!! (Fan-Made Animated Meme) - @a.j.smithofficial -

Among Us Logic: Player Can Beatbox?!! (Fan-Made Animated Meme) – @a.j.smithofficial

A.J. Smith
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It’s been a long couple of weeks since my last animation I did but I made a new one and this took me a lot of frustration to finish but it was worth it at the end.

The audio I used was from VerbalAse
Low Tetris Beatbox video but the original doesn’t exist anymore but there were Re-uploads.

Check out His Channel:

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  1. Wow, for a guy who only won 2 games (Impostor changes Color's & The Rainbow friends crossover), Player really knows how to beatbox 😎👍

  2. Woah he's good, he probably learned from Monster who made beatbox in MrCheese vs MrEgg rap battle

  3. That is really cool I must say! You have put a lot of effort to your content and you deserve more subscribers than this. And did you see my own Minecraft Animations by the way?

  4. I shared this because its outstanding

  5. I have a question how do you move the visor around so smooth I always end up messing up

  6. Nice job, you're video will be one of my playlist "very underrated good content", btw new subscriber here

  7. What my classmate and me do.

  8. Wow. Player can really beatbox tho-

  9. MrCheese: Player has no talent, he’s just a dum dork moron.
    Player: Are you sure about that?

  10. This sounds like megalovania at the start lel

  11. Those fnf practices really did help him after all 😳

  12. Player: beatboxes great
    Me: i bet he cant do this beat when the imposter is dun dun dun dun dun ru dun dun dun dunu dun dun

  13. Lol I think of verbalase every time I hear the word "beatbox" and I wasn't expecting this

  14. This is a awesome video😲😲😲😲😲

  15. How do you do the
    Movement on Kinemaster?
    I'm gonna make a animation of Player and I wanna know how!:D

  16. (Me) * kills mr cheese * (mr cheese) ho hel- * dies *

  17. SNIFF hmmmm I smell UNDERRATED

  18. Player is the wanted!!!! 😡😡😡😡

  19. … speechless….how the-…nevermind

  20. Not only player can voice act but he can also beatbox?!

  21. Pfft! No one beat boxes better den meh! >:3

  22. Whoa he is so good at beat boxing



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