Among Us Funny Moments - A 3rd Imposter Situation! (Proximity Chat) -

Among Us Funny Moments – A 3rd Imposter Situation! (Proximity Chat)

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  1. I feel like delirious is just a filler and is always the first one who dies

  2. marcel goes alliance!! alliance!!

  3. Terroriser is extremely good at looking guilty, body gets found "well i dont have anything to do with this situation so oh well" meanwhile when he isnt imposter hes wondering where tf everyone was and who did what when hes not even near the situation lmao

  4. Basically: kills puffer
    Everyone: it was delirious because he ran away
    no Basically's name moves higher then back down

  5. Notice how much better the group is when Nogla's loud-ass mouth isn't here.

  6. Panda: Fine. I’ll vote with the crowd
    Vanoss: Thank you, Thank you


  7. If I had a owl I would of called him vanoss

  8. If you pay close attention at 18:23 you can see marcels name move forward when he kills

  9. Wildcat gets out impostors because they're spewing bullshit.

    Evan gets out impostors because he listens to his friends.

    Basically gets out impostors by tricking their dumbasses.

  10. Wait…. cartoonz's real name is Luke?

  11. Genuinely was shocked it wasn't Delirious that last round, it looked like he lunged to kill in the stack.

  12. Marcel colluded with Vanoss and Wildcat when theyre imposters.
    Cartoonz becomes the fall guy to protect Marcel when he's imposter.

  13. 14:25 That was the most perfectly synced double kill I have ever seen.

  14. This was truly peak among us era. Miss these days

  15. the second I hear the midget speak I leave

  16. I love how Brock, Brian, Puffer, Anthony and Luke all get so mad over a kids game. also if your asking. Luke is cartoonz name. also don't blame me blame google. that's were I reveal alot of peoples real names.

  17. 6:59 that's cheap man… that was unfair.
    Funny? yes.
    But you don't do that…

  18. I swear brian's brain takes this kids game way too seriously.

  19. Can someone explain the part where marcel tells brain what’s at the top of his screen I don’t understand it

  20. 9:32 you know you've managed to fully piss off a grown man when he starts mocking you 😂

  21. brain; breathes vanoss; its brainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  22. Bro how come if they play the most bare bones game and still make you die from laughter.

  23. i would watch a vanossgaming lets play

  24. I found a snowman killed me for some reason 🤣

  25. Wow 3 years ago it feels like it was yesterday

  26. Still watchin this legacy in 2024

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