Among Us Fanart! - Feat. a little gameplay! -

Among Us Fanart! – Feat. a little gameplay!

Restless Artist
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Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s speedpaint~!
I hope you enjoyed this copic speedpaint of Among Us Fanart

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Fallen Kingdom by SilentCrafter

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Ah! You made it to the bottom!
Thanks for reading all the way down!
If you read all the way through let me know by answering this fun little question~!
Have you played Among Us?
If Yes, what color do you main? Do you have a favorite map/task, Do you prefer imposter or Crewmate?
If No, what games have you played recently???
Are you doing inktober this year?

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  1. Sounds like you gotta work on method acting, you are the tricky calculated villain pretending to be a helpful bystander, act like one. Maybe come up with a devious character and be like "what would they do in this situation?" and multitask. :3

  2. Nice! I've been loving among us.

  3. Others: yes let's make cool stuff with cute characters

    The crazy me: TURN IT INTO A MONSTER

  4. Awww!!! This Drawing is Great (I'm Your Fan)

    Holp u support my drawing too✏❤🐷

  5. Oh no Restless Artist is an imposter. 🙂 I just recently saw some gameplay of this game and I love that you included some here too. I think its adorable that you couldn't lie. I am like that too. I love the artwork you made of this game.

  6. Hi Friend! First off let me say I am STARSTRUCK!!! You are amazing and I can't believe you checked out my memory draw challenge video! Thank You! The moment that I started watching your video I was amazed! You are so gifted! Subscribing to your channel was a no brainer!!!! LIKE 21 on this video!!! Now I've got to go check out some more!!! HA! HA! P.S. Among us is one of my favorite games right now to play with my friends! I love being the imposter! HA! HA!

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