Among us fan art ♡✨ -

Among us fan art ♡✨

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I might just start to upload a lot of my good art also I don’t have a schedule- imma just do what I have time for bc I have school and I’m also doing it traditionally, so I have to be in school from 7am-3pm so that kinda takes away time to work on videos, but I’ll try to work on my videos while I’m on the bus, anyways I hope you like this (finger crossed this won’t be bad quality like the other video, I honestly don’t know how to change that)
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  1. Make sure you put it in full screen so you can see the whole picture, also YES the quality isn't bad like the other video, idk what made it do that last video but I SOMEHOW FIXED IT!!! also at the bottom of the picture, that IS my signature in case you were wondering, also, like I said in the last video, if you use this pls pls PLS give credit. And as a little prize to My veiwers that are early, I'll give you guys shout outs!!!!♡✨

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