AMONG US - Fan Animation Movie -

AMONG US – Fan Animation Movie

Jake Johnson
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I’ve been working on this project for almost a Year and I finally finished it!!!! It’s absolutely ridiculous but I’m glad that it’s finally finished!!!!

Sound use from: Spiral From The Book of Saw

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  1. Please make ending among us from spiral

  2. Very interesting…

  3. Great Job Jake! I love this animation! 👍

  4. Letting you guys know that the parody puppet belongs to one of my friends GhostFace_kitten!!!! That’s where the parody puppet character came from ^^

  5. That looks awesome man keep up the good work I love it so much

  6. Awesome job grandson, you are getting better and better at these animations. I’m a little slow understanding it so you will have to explain it to me, ok? Love you

  7. Pretty Good Short Film👍

  8. when’s the power wonderland movie gonna release, I’ve been waiting a long time, also, I love ur vids.

  9. Mario said: Stop Posting About Among Us

  10. Hope you can see me to make those Willie's wonderland animations.

  11. Is this among us? Among us imposter?

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