AMONG US but Pokemon are playing - Who is the Impostor ?? -

AMONG US but Pokemon are playing – Who is the Impostor ??

Shin Art
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  1. I wanna see Squirtel as Imposter
    A Cute Killer

  2. Question? Whos lead in tournament season 2? I didn't watched the live because of weak signal.

  3. Is so cuuuute

    IS charmander the imposter

  4. ya veo a fola reaccionar a esto xd

  5. 🙂 charmander fairy type

  6. I say squrtle is imposter. Poor bulbasaur is crying

  7. How you draw them is cute and awsome
    👇how many people liked it

  8. I'm just impressed you can do digital drawing

  9. emmm..el naranja :>
    the orange like the fruit uwu

  10. Shin art i love you!!!!!!!!

  11. Charmander is common in pokemon and among us who knew

  12. Need more of this. ALL STARTERS PLZ

  13. You should do the evolutions of the pokemon starters

  14. I think Charmander was the imposter

  15. If you do any more fusion videos I want to see mewtwo+ Raquasa

  16. I think that charmander is the imposer and is trying to frame poor little bulbasaur (sorry if spelled wrong)

  17. Make a aloalan hrayninja and charecuard

  18. me: sees among us content
    also me: GIVE ME THAT!

  19. Bulbasaur: call`s meeting
    Also Bulbasaur: crying
    Squirtle: Why are you crying Green?
    Bulbasaur: (while crying) I sniff I sniff I saw a dead body and sniff he is sniff PIKACHU!
    Squirtle: Where is it?
    Multrix (me) : In electrical
    Charmander: Me, Dark Blue, and Green were the only ones in…
    Also Charmander: IT IS GREEN!
    Bulbasaur: (while crying) NOT ME!!!
    Squirtle: Umm…
    Also Squirtle: I think it is Dark Blue

    Charmander: Sounds reasonable
    Bulbasaur: It should make sense because she is the only non pokemon here
    Multrix: Sio no

    Charmander: Multrix
    Bulbasaur: Multrix
    Squirtle: Multrix
    Multrix: Squrtle

    Multrix: IF IT IS NOT ME THEN IT IS CYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Multrix is not the Impostor
    1 Impostor Remains

    Charmander and Bulbasaur: Uh…
    Squirtle: kills the other 2

  20. I love among us ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤯

  21. Red was not the impostor
    * evil bulbasaur noises*

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