AMONG KAIJU 2 | Godzilla in Among Us Animation -

AMONG KAIJU 2 | Godzilla in Among Us Animation

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Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Biollante, Rodan, Zilla, play another game of Among Us what could go wrong.

Thanks to SketchMatters and Asmolone for doing the art of this video we have had in the works for a long time follow them here:

Original Among Kaiju idea/Animation by Dinomania so go support them they make amazing animations and projects! This is really a love letter to their first video!

▶Voice Actors
☆Zilla Jr. aka Godzilla 1998 played by DonDonut
☆Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, King Ghidorah etc played by me 😀
☆Moonhidora played by Kat follow her here:
☆Rodan played by Mike follow him here:

☆Mothra played by Jelzyart follow her:

Jelzyart follow her here:

Check out the other Godzilla comic dubs here:

We hit 940k subscribers thank you all so much, I have allot planned to celebrate, some great news gonna be doing allot of Godzilla Vs SCP creatures in the Godzilla Puppet/Movies so stay tuned coming soon, also I plan to do allot more live action stuff. I want this channel to be more what it is, so lets make it something special and bigger and better then ever.

We are also working on a slew of new stuff including full animations original series and just allot of cool stuff so keep an eye out cause we plan to even make 3-4 Original pilots this coming year and hopefully we can get them picked up! But thank you again for all the support it means the world to me you have no idea!

Background Music:
The Jazz piano:

The Duel by Benjamin Tissot

Epic by Benjamin Tissot

✘ Title: Scheming Weasel (faster version)
✘ Music: Kevin MacLeod
✘ License: CC BY 3.0 (​)
✘ Download: -…

#GodzillaVsKong #Godzilla #KingKong #KingGhidorah #Mothra

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  1. Can you do an épisode 3 or add Behemoth Scylla Muto and Skullcrawler please ? Thanks you

  2. Poor rodan, he was crying over the same thing in the 1st one.

  3. Why Kevin he’s so cute frik you godzilla

  4. 2:25 Rodan looks like Red from angry birds in this scene

  5. Better hope Kevin doesn't let moonhidorah hear him say that about mothra.

  6. "Ohh hell naww"

  7. WHY dose Rodan sound like thinknoodles???

  8. I like this one but your other vids is totally not normal just NOT NORMAL

  9. Poor Rodan he never plays 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Godzilla killed her own sister bio😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  11. Poor poor poor Kevin 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  12. Actually Godzilla didn’t kill bio his own sister

  13. Moral: next time the boys play something less conflictive like I don't know Resident Evil, that way they will meet the handsome Leon and the handsome Claire and the handsome Chris and the handsome Jill…well everyone in that saga is there handsome, thanks CAPCOM!

  14. Why did they keep voting Rodan out he’s my second fav

  15. Bro godzilla you are evil you just kill kevin while he just joined. You evil godzilla you are MONSTER

  16. You forgot to add shin Godzilla

  17. Biollante 😒😒😒😒😒😒

  18. Mothra triador is godzilla 🦖🦖 😡😡 💔💔💔

  19. Poor Rodan He Always Gets Voted Most 1 like = Befriended Rodsn

  20. I hate when Godzilla kills Kevin it made me sad😢😢😭😭😭 I feel bad for Kevin

  21. Wait why shin Godzilla didn't join in the game i thought he join in part 1

  22. If the next among kaiju Rodan gets revenge I'm gonna be happy

  23. I love how Kevin was small instead of Being big in the game

  24. I have a idea to find the imposter and is to have cameras in each room and have each have armed guards maybe that would work

  25. This is a fan made sequel to DinoMania’s Among Kaiju if you don’t know, all credit for the original idea goes to them they are an amazing animator and you should check out their channel if you have never heard of them.

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