10 AMONG US TIKTOK Video Compilation - Fan Art #amongus #doodle #tiktok #forfun - amongus.gallery

10 AMONG US TIKTOK Video Compilation – Fan Art #amongus #doodle #tiktok #forfun

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Hi! I decided to upload these 10 videos that I made on TIKTOK in case you’re not using the said App. I apologize if the Among Us character doesn’t fully resembles the original one since I want to have my own art style hehe. Hope you’ll enjoy watching each one of my short videos!
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I do not own the background music used in this Video. I gave all the credits to CapCut App and all the Tiktok music creators.

Music Used :
(Intro) – Tired – BCD Studio
(Outro)- Deep to the dark- BCD Studio

Tiktok sounds
1. Sesange Sori Jillo I Love You (Making Lover) – Pelin
2. Steven Universe – L.Dre
3. Oh Klahoma – Jack Stauber
4. bgm_track_0143_cinematic_mooody_minemalist (Capcut Sounds)
5. CHROMANCE- Wrap Me in Plastic- vashamarousia
6. Stranger Things (Main Theme)- I Love TV Themes
7. Float on the Sound (Ey)- Tiagz
8. Original Sound- Gijs Roelofsen
9. dame da ne dame yo- david
10. Tommorrow – BCD Studio (Capcut Sounds)

P.S Please inform me if I made a mistake on giving Credits and I will immediately edit it. Thank you!

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  1. Cute.😍❤️ Really love your videos.🥰❤️

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