✨Drawing AMONG US as ANIME FAN ART | Tiktok compilations🎨✨ - amongus.gallery

✨Drawing AMONG US as ANIME FAN ART | Tiktok compilations🎨✨

t a e p o p
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Hi!I hope you enjoyed this video 🙂 I know you guys are obsessed with this game so I searched up some anime fan art on tiktok. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more videos like this 😉


✨Intro and outro
Credit to : J E F F E R S O N J R S H I M

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  1. Am i the only one whos here for the songs-

  2. Purple and red and orange and aqua are the cutest

  3. Since blue is my fav color I said making blue sus is mad sus in 0:50

  4. Every single drawing that I see I blush 😊 lol like purple,red,white like omg

  5. The best was red even the memes say he’s the imposter every round LMFAO

  6. Aww I would love to play among us with u

  7. Ehhh you got among us one mehh?? Why tak ada play with me derr? I want play with you lahh!

  8. I have a request. Can you do Douyin slow motion that one. Can kah?

  9. Everyone:Black sus
    Me:He do be cute tho XD

  10. Nah yellow is the best looking UnU

  11. white sus
    also me: but he cute like damn…..
    my computor: …….. wat

  12. Red : don't worry I will go easy on u
    Me : Red was the coolest of all
    Also me : l love red but every one says it sus which makes me upset

  13. Black looks like Taehyung and blue looks like Jimin of BTS.

  14. I would rather have blue and cyan switch but they still look really good

  15. you know whats sad? Tiktok isnt actually bad on its own, its not its fault it turned out this way, it was the evil people, hacks, and other stuff, tiktok isnt bad or evil, its some of the people on it, sorry just wanted to say that.

  16. I'm falling in love with these guys why am i having a crush on art

  17. i love white its my fav color

  18. I just look and I would ship black white and red but I think they would look very cute Together.

  19. oh my god

    1:14 red
    click on these time stamps

    you wont regret it

    your welcome

    i am in love with purple and red

    idk why i am falling in love with literal FANART!

    i am sooooooooo in love with purple

  20. Why is white the hottest color? Like if you agree!

  21. Red,black,white,cyan,purple OwO im a simp XD

  22. Purple sus

    Me: purp be sus but he do be cute thoooo XD i love anime

  23. I love how astronaut jelly beans become hot anime dudes, totally

  24. "red sus"
    Me: nah I don't think he's impostor
    "you were with me when we saw him vent"
    Me: ok but like can we keep him for a little longer

  25. omg black, white and red tho!! why tf am i simping for art!

  26. Me: don't fall in love with an art… Don't fall in love with an art don't fall in love with an art…. Don't fall in love with an art………….. Fall in love with an art 😃

  27. I really like blue and yellows character design!!!
    Also why does red look like one of my classmates XD

  28. I just realized the background color matches the character nice job


  30. I simp for black, white, blue, yellow, red, cyan, purple, and the child of yellow (orange).

  31. White: you think you can escape?
    Red: don’t worry.. I’ll go easy on you.
    Purple: try not to be too loud, okay?

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