✨🍒 Drawing Fanart Of Lavendertwone's Pink Among Us OC // #speedpaint #draw (13+) 🍒✨ - amongus.gallery

✨🍒 Drawing Fanart Of Lavendertwone’s Pink Among Us OC // #speedpaint #draw (13+) 🍒✨

Leaffy Bun Art
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Hi everyone (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)✨
I hope you enjoyed watching me draw fanart of LavenderTowne,s Cute Among Us OC! 🍒✨

✨ Reference Picture and Character by LavenderTowne ©

✨ LavenderTowne:
📌 LavenderTowne’s Youtube:

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♥ Drawing program: Paint Tool SAI
♥ Tablet: Huion
♥ Recording: Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
♥ Video editing: SVP

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#amongus #drawing #speedpaint
✨🍒 Drawing Fanart Of Lavendertwone’s Pink Among Us OC // #speedpaint #draw (13+) 🍒✨

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  1. Pink is impostor, she killed me with those eyes

  2. You drew her so well, good work❤❤

  3. Lavendertowne has got to be proud of this adorable little thing ❤️

  4. Awwwww, it's so cuteeee!!❤️❤️🥺

  5. You know for a split second, I thought that THAT was girl shigaraki

  6. Alright, I can defend Pink on this, I was with her in Medbay and I saw Red vent. Yeah I can’t figure out the best joke— but yeah this drawing was great Leaffy!

  7. She looks so cute! Fantastic job as always. LavenderTowne would be proud. Always love seeing your work. Can’t wait for what you’ve got for us next. Keep being awesome and keep up the amazing work.

    Such a beautiful job Leaffy!! You should draw other people characters more, I'm sure they would look amazing in you're style!

  9. After having seen Lavendertowne draw pink and now seeing you draw pink. Both are so adorable that I feel even if pink is imposter, I must protect the little cherry!!

  10. Don't be fooled by her cute eyes because Pink is imposter!
    People: Red is imposter!
    Red(me): Noooo!

  11. Now this game is even more adorable

  12. My god that is cute! You did a fantastic job. Props to you.

  13. Hello Leaffy, I'MM BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! So, I have ultimately just concluded a cyberbullying incident that has been going on for about 3 months and counting, including a close friend of mine, I told him my feelings on the matter and I decided to back away from all the drama, from everyone and everything involving that "Drama" on Xbox. But, I have some exciting news: I actually used last night the automatically installed app, Paint 3D, and I made some custom blueprint designs I put together in my head for future animations and animatics!!! The planes I chose to apply my designs on are the A6M2b Zero (naval fighter), Aichi D3A1 Val (carrier based dive bomber), and the B5N2 Kate (carrier based Torpedo Bomber). I have already done the B5N2, and I am on the works of the other 2 planes, but I am doing my best to work with singular pixels and trials and errors. But I'm having a relaxing and fun time. Only 2 more months until I install Krita! (☞゚∀゚)☞

  14. You did great on this 😀 Looks super cute 🙂

  15. Can you please draw cyan/light blue?

  16. Others : let's make something realistic or cool with cute stuff

    Me: A MONSTER!!!!

  17. Hi there! Great work on this as always! This character is adorable, and your art is just… aaaaaaa-

    However. I also wanted to tell you that the title has a typo in it. It says "Lavendertwone" instead of "Lavendertowne". It's only in the title though, so it's not a very big deal. Just wanted quickly point it out before everyone else does. (U-Unless they already have of course…)

  18. If only lavendertwone was seeing this

  19. I wanna know why it is 13+ XD

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