AMONG US | Short Film -

AMONG US | Short Film

Jay & Arya
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What if Among Us was real? We hope you enjoy our latest short film.

Short Film feat. KEVIN HART & ICE CUBE ►
Credit Song: Papillon Rising – Electro ►
The Imperial Lasertag Academy ►

Arya Lee Instagram – (@aryalee)
Jay Samuelz Instagram – (@JaySamuelz)

Produced by Jay Samuelz & Arya Lee
Based on the online multiplayer game “Among Us”
Directed and Edited by Marcel Becker Neu
Written by Marcel Becker-Neu, Jay Samuelz, Arya Lee

WHITE ► Jay Samuelz
BLUE ► Arya Lee
GREEN ► Paul Cless
BLACK ► Leslie Malso
ORANGE ► Marios Gavrilis
PURPLE ► Franciska Friede
YELLOW ► Marcel Becker-Neu

Director of Photography ► Daniel Ernst
On Set Sound ► Fatih Aydin
Set Assistent ► Camillo Redecker
Costumes ► Sarah Frede
Make-Up/ SFX ► Ayla
Music & Sound Design ► Marcel Becker-Neu
Additional Sound Design ► Andre Abshagen, Arya Lee, Jay Samuelz
Colorist ► Daniel Ernst
VFX ► Yannik Heß (Outside the Club)
Compositing ► Chon-Dat, Max Schlick
Credit design ► Jonas Doc Ahlrichhs

The Imperial Lasertag Academy (TILTA)
Kim/Kilo from TILTA
Bremer Shakespeare Company
Jeans Center & Army Shop Bremen
Hochschule für Künste Bremen
Paul Cless
Sarah Frede
Leonie Heise
Sabine Becker-Neu
Khoi Chau
Cam Giang Duong
Andre Abshagen

The game “Among Us” is owned by InnerSloth and this fan film is not endorsed by, affiliated with, or associated with said company in any way.

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  1. Why must the handsome one died huhuhuhu..

  2. So, How DID green know about it? Were there multiple imposters? Did he really find the body first but didnt say anything in fear of being ejected? Also, this was amazing. It felt like a hollywood film- the among us lingo was a bit ridiculous, but it gave it some personality. I loved it all-

  3. Yellow and purple flying around, listening to the concersations; bruh those mfers dont know shit

  4. Hallo an all se English Humans in das Kommentar-Sektion 👋


  6. Alguien le dé a quién le entendió la película porque yo no está en inglés

  7. 10 Millionen Aufrufe. GG so ein heftiges Video 🙂

  8. 12:00 That was the best plot twist I've ever witnessed in my life, well done black.

  9. Should there be an among us but found footage type horror

  10. Yang ngira blue impostor satu server

  11. This is the best version of PR In Space I've ever seen. And I watched the Japanese original and English version.

  12. Black: "Its Purple"
    It wasn't Purple
    Everyone: "Its not Black"

  13. plot twist black always hated blue she liked white more now she goes to him

  14. a hello how dumd can be the team after black lied i shoul acusse her and then we win

  15. blue says let her alone shes innocent me A HELLO SHE IS IMP

  16. Just know that if anyone says "its one of us and its not me" it's usually them.

  17. Yeah i knew it was black, Imposters usually start sussing people out first and with no real evidence. She seemed cold with the fact that she's killing crew members. In the first emergency meeting, you can see her body language shows she's nervous, she knows she's pulling a fast one with her story. No rational human being starts sussing people out without evidence. A good imposter would just say what they saw and with proof. In fact most people don't start sussing people out without proof. She was also downloading communication data even though they were too far away from Pollus for comms to be of any use. I would've sussed black, but not sure if I'd survived against a manipulator like her. But for a while I did think that dark green was sus because he was acting super aggressive, but then again, I do that a lot. I would like to see another one of these, except its with a pacifist imposter, All they do is use wit and 100 speech to get everyone else to kill each other. Its so satisfying to do that and the plot twist that the most unsus person is the imposter is so mind f**king.

  18. Es war doch klar das es Black war

  19. This is "sus" out of 10!❤️💪😂 Subscribe to @niaz.official on tiktok!

  20. I already knew from beginning that its black.

  21. 1 Milion Likes 10 Milion Views Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn

  22. Honestly, I wasn't expecting quality as high as I was hoping for, but I got quality higher than what I was hoping for. This is incredibly well done all around!

  23. Thanks for the amazing feedback! Also make sure to follow us on Instagram for behind the scenes content, live Q&A’s & more!
    ▪️@aryalee ▪️@jaysamuelz

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