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When the Imposter Loves You | Among Us Comic Dub

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When something went wrong with the Imposter and he doesn’t wanna kill you… but … loves you…

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  1. Where do you not know black is the strongest of Impossible

  2. Definition of trauma : white inThis animation

  3. Me hearing black humming:SASAGEO SASAGEO JIKSO SASAGEO

  4. At the beginning I was like

  5. This really inspired me because someone has done this to me…….

    ……Ps. This inspired me to kill myself

  6. Black: Leave me alone! Red: No… I will never😊 Black: 😑

  7. What was that, red…. Stay back…. HELP ME! (me runs) AAHHHHH! HELP! SOMEONE! GIVE ME SOMETHING TO GET AWAY!

  8. What if imposters dominate eachother to show they don't want a human sweetheart being hurt

  9. 好きな人は殺せない

  10. Red is like a overprotective puppy who just wants some love from the person he loves.

  11. Ok so I know it’s supposed to be a video about black and red but- yellow and white looked so cute together- eeeeeeeee

  12. 0:09 ank crewmate đen ơi, iem có tứ quý chặt heo, ank nhường iem đc 0 -))

  13. Black is smart enough to just touch the glass with his glass and pass It as a kiss lmao

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